2009 Cadillac XLR

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Pretty much just like Porsche.
Nothing all new. Not even the new interior most people were expecting.
More chrome outside. And new trims inside.

Too bad…

Here is last year’s model.
It does look simpler now. After seeing all the chrome on the new one…

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  1. God !!!! I just wish GM would go away !! No one bought this car before and no one is going to buy it now !!

  2. The exterior really didn’t need that much work. The dashboard was a different story and its sad it won’t get reworked (the outgoing SRX had a great refresh) And the Northstar engines while not bad are kind of… old and lameduck (what would you rather spend 100K on, the XLR-V with 443 HP or the 600HP Corvette ZR1 which is basically this car minus the wood and retractable hard top roof.)

  3. this is know as one of the best cars inthe wolrd b=period the world envys us for this one the best is just getting better

  4. this is know as one of the best cars inthe wolrd b=period the world envys us for this one the best is just getting better

    That is your opinion. Sales figures, however, don’t prove you to be correct. Not even close.

    But maybe you can find yet another way to spell douchebag jones and post your bullsh*t once again.

    Does anyone think this car matters to the the health and future of Cadillac? Is it the halo car it was hoped to be? Does anyone actually long to owe one?

    The CTS has been more important to the brand than this POS.

  5. The XLR 2009 refresh is a let down.

    I’ve always enjoyed XLR’s unique style and sporty driving attitude.

    XLR’s interior is pleasant, but not enough for 80-100k.
    The engines are strong, but not powerful enough to make the Cadillac stand out from the european competition.

    Cadillac had a chance to fix this for 2009 but chose a mild refresh instead. A GM money saving move.


    This mild update allowed GM to skip expensive crash testing.
    An all new front, rear end, interior and bigger engines, would have to be recertified for crashworthiness. This costs of millions of dollars per test!

    Too bad GM didn’t at least slap some extra wood and metal trim around the interior. BEFORE YOU FOLK SAY HOW TACKY THIS INTERIOR IS – be aware- I don’t like the color of this wood or the extra piece on the bottom of the steering wheel.



    With darker richer wood and expensive looking metal pushbuttons instead of grey plastic, a dress up job like this would liven up the XLR interior.

    It wouldn’t cost much more than the lame 2009 interior changes and would show some effort on GM’s part.

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