2009 Chrysler Sebring sedan

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Chrysler said a few months ago they were doing something about the Sebring.
They can’t come up with an all new car yet, so they’ll do the next best thing.
Change whatever parts they can afford. Like bumpers and hoods.
And maybe do something about the interior.

I personally think nothing can be done to boost sales of this car. Until a complete redesign. And maybe a change of name as well.
Most people just don’t respond to the current design. Period.
Small changes won’t turn that around.

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  1. Chrysler is a laughable little company with engineering out of the stone age. Jeep is good because it is a simple car…Chrysler go bye-bye by this time next year.

  2. Looks like Chrysler got rid of these hood grooves. And Ford stuck ’em on the sides of the Flex.

  3. they kept the headlamps which i hate and got rid of the hood groves which i love ! that damn interior better be flipping hot !

  4. Similar to the pathetic Mitsubishi Galant, a light refresh is not good enough for the Sebring. It is so bad in so many ways that it needs to be completely redone from the ground up. I think everyone, except for Chrysler, saw right away that this car was going to be a total disaster. Chrysler should be ashamed.

  5. Vince…I’ve often said that the right rims can make any car look good… I was wrong!

    I’ve seen 3 Sebrings on the road since its lauch.. And two were rentals…

    This is a horrible design, and I thought that since you posted pics of the prototypes…..

    WTF were they thinking? Look at a Malibu for inspiration…now that’s a nice ride!

  6. Amazing that a new car could be so horrible that it can’t be salvaged.

    One thing Chrysler could do would be to dump that stupid “C” pillar design with the cheap plastic phony quarter window thing. Hard to imagine what the designers were thinking when they created this turkey.

    Speaks quite poorly of Mercedes–the worst parent Chrysler could have had.

  7. I think we can all agree that Mercedes ruined Chrysler.
    It will be one tough job for them to get out of such a mess.
    I haven’t heard of any products that could save them.
    What’s in the pipeline?
    Anyone knows???

  8. The Cerberus guys probably wish they’d never heard of Chrysler–especially considering the company’s reliance on Jeeps and trucks that swill down too much costly gasoline.

    The Mercedes folks are probably enjoying their bratwurst and beer while high-fiving their decision to dump all but a small stake in the company they destroyed.

    If Cerberus ever does bring Chrysler back to some level of health, they’ll do their best to get out of the mess they bought.

    Where’s the future for this once great and now thoroughly lost company?

  9. The only hope for Chrysler is to make Vince Burlapp the CEO.
    Ford didn’t do it, but they listen to many of my ideas.

    I could save Chrysler. And all my readers would be my advisers.

  10. Mercedes ruined Cry-me-a-river-sler? Chrysler ruined Chrysler. There engineering teams are stuck in 1970 and came from Mattel. Their transmissions and engines are a joke and the DSG tranny is not going to happen…Where are the Phoenix engines? Chrysler is dead.

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