Chubby nerd checks out the new Maxima

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  1. I would pay Burlapp $ 5000 to drop kick this guy
    and $ 50,000 to spit in D. Jones’ eye.

    What car does the nerd love with out any his negative comments?

  2. Chubby nerd is probably the son of a rich as hell car dealership owner.
    Probably never worked for anything in his life.

  3. Chubby Nerd is chubby. And a nerd.

    But damn if he doesn’t make the best car preview videos anywhere. Smart(ish) commentary, beautiful editing, short and to the point.

    You see some of the ‘interview’ videos from the carmakers themselves, that look like they were made by the local junior high A/V club.

    Vince’s videos do have better music.

  4. he said “funner”!!!

    and do you notice when he’s referring to himself, he says “we”?

    the dealership heir-head angle doesn’t stick. he’s probably a college graduate who holds his own on camera, and got the job at on his resume (and probably recommendations…).

    my question is, kelsey mays…ford’s j mays…relation?

    go kelsey, go.

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