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This has to be better than a minivan or truck based SUV .

But how good is it?
I’ll report next week after I drive it.

Ford is hoping to sell about 100 000 a year of these.

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  1. i hope the ford family is not going to wonder why their generation caused the once great Fo Mo Co to go bankrupt!

  2. Expecting 100K of sales? Think about it….the fuel economy ratings are 17 city, 24 hwy. NO ONE can sell SUV’s or vans with these kind of numbers right now. Does Ford think people are going to jump all over this on looks alone? The only buyers I could see making the move to the Flex are buyers that own Expeditions or Suburbans and need the space but see 17 mpg city as a step up.

  3. gosh… it lookst like a blown up version of the mini, its bigger than the ugly Ford Freestar, with today’s gas price? da hell with this one!

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