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Something is just not right.

How is a car like that even possible in 2008. From Japan.
This looks like a Chinese car. A bad one.

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  1. Exactly what is the Exiga supposed to be? Didn’t Subaru just introduce a larger Forester? And what about the Tribeca, which looks way better than this thing. Looks like Toyota is well on their way to turning Subaru into just as boring a car company as they are.

  2. This is one Subie they can keep in Japan, but I have a feeling we are looking at the next Outback.

  3. I’d rather have the Legacy Wagon or Outback thank you very much. This one I think it loses it’s “Subaruness”. Sube’s have been known to have a sporty, rugged edge. The Exiga doesn’t seem to have any of that.

  4. If it looks worse than a chinese car, and it looks like a toyota, why is toyota one of the top selling brands these days.
    Maybe looks arn’t that important these days put practicality might be.

  5. I’m sure it’s a reliable, decent car, but in 2008 this is unacceptable. Not only is it boring to look at, I’m assuming the interior is as cheap (=hard plastics) as Subarus usually are. If it were 2002, this would be amazing and ahead of it’s class, but it’s 2008 and it’s not.

  6. Folks at Subaru sure have poor taste in styling. Ruined the STI and can’t sell them now. I think Toyota better step in and fire the Suby crew to protect thier investment. Thier cars get lousy milage too.Shame as they are built quite well and fare good in safty tests

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