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There are so many pictures out . Already…
And the car isn’t, yet.

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  1. Are u sure someone didn’t just photoshop a car wearing the camo? This looks really ugly yet all other leaked shots i have seen before showed the car to look very handsome..if this is the real deal Renault is fucked. At least i still hope the 3-door is as sexy as older shots (not CG’s) showed

  2. This is a true, computer generated, side view, impossible to get from human eyes. Of course both overhangs look longer than what you’d see in real life (think of it as a blue print). This kind of view makes any car appear weird, but it’s essential when designing cars. You can see here how the designers managed dynamic roofline and beltline without sacrifying head clearance for the rear passengers.

  3. Definitely a clay model. I don’t think those are the final taillights. Anyway, I don’t think it looks so horrendous

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