No new Rabbit for the US???

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That’s the rumor from Germany.
The all new Golf due next year in europe would not be sold in the US.
So I guess we’ll keep our current “Rabbit” for at least the next 5 years. Or will they replace it by something more specific to the US market.
Who knows….
First they told us we wouldn’t get the new Scirocco, now this.
And they want to sell tons more cars in the US.
What gives…

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  1. VW is like a ship adrift in a dense fog. Little do they realize there is an iceberg straight ahead…

  2. What gives, you ask? Easy. VW is pathetic. They produce nothing competitive, and do it poorly at that. When I hear the VW horror stories from friends at work, I am shocked how VW sells anything at all.

  3. People always tend to put their tail between their legs and give in to Honda and Toyota and don’t want to admit publicly about their mechanical headaches.

    People bash this brand b/c it is the only European competitor that has the balls to sell cars under $ 20k. Slam a Jetta door and a Civic door and tell me which one is more solid.
    Why does a Bettle Convertible feel more solid than the more expensive G6 that Burlapp tested?

    Be smart and wait the official word from VW regarding the Golf/Rabbit from Germany. This car might be US made like your CIVICs.

  4. For US products it seems as if the Mexican built quality standards are quite low, so instead of shipping them straight across the waters, they just won’t give it to us all at….

    I’ll never buy from a brand where the clutch sticks to the floor (happened while test driving a 98 New Beetle. Something like that scream ‘STAY AWAY!” so that’s what I’m doing.

  5. The obvious answer to me seems to make the Mark VI in Brazil for Brazilian, Australian, and American markets to keep the price down.

  6. They cannot make a profit selling the german built rabbit in the u.s with current exchange rates, the next generation “mk6” is expected to begin production early next year in europe, so the rabbit as we know it will only be around for another year. They won’t re-tool a plant in mexico or brazil to continue building the mk5 rabbit. What we are in for is a bunch of u.s specific models that will be built in the new u.s plants currently being explored. That includes jetta and passat replacements to be built in the same plant and possibly a new hatch variant. Say goodbye to german vw’s. Say hello to the new americanized models! Dont believe me? copy paste this and wait 2 years.

  7. Well the Japanese sell fewer Japanese made cars
    and have Americanized what they build here.
    I’m not so sure if VW will Americanize or not, since people love their cars designs.


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