Opel Insignia Hatchback

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Just a couple more pictures.
I know it’s white and doesn’t look as good as it could in other colors.

I usually prefer hatchbacks, but in this case, the sedan is so good looking.
This doesn’t seem to look much better.

Wagon next. And maybe even a coupe.

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  1. For me it isnt the looks – it would be tought to improve on the sedan’s looks – but the utility of a hatch like this is phenomenal. I pray they bring it. Tastes are changing here … finally.

  2. Hey Vince …. Can you please remove our Opel Insignia photos!!! Thank you.
    Brenda Priddy / Automedia / Lehmann-Photo Syndiacte

  3. This car first look great. Now it looks very American, or design for America, just like early 200 0 chrislers. I don’t think I like this design anymore.
    I love fiat design, citron… not this one.

  4. Why doesn’t Priddy just pee on, I mean, watermark her pictures? Seems like people could post them if they had her urine, I mean, watermark on the images. Works for everybody else like carmagazine.co.uk, carscoop.com, etc. Sheesh.

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