Peugeot back in the US?

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This is according to Mr. Christian Peugeot :” If the market continues to go smaller, then we could have something very interesting for US customers.”
I don’t really believe it. It would cost Peugeot a fortune to come back over here.
They’ve said stuff like that before and it never happened.

“We left the U.S. because the market out-grew us and we didn’t feel we should follow it,”
Huh??? If I remember right, they left the US because the quality and resale value of their cars was pretty much crap. Back then, a one year old 405 (the last model sold in the US) was retaining 50% of its value.
No other car was worth half of its price after just a year.

Peugeot thought of themselves as a luxury car maker and refused to import the cooler smaller cars they had. This was a huge mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, I like their cars. And it would be nice to see them back. I just don’t think we will.

But hey, if we ever do. Which Peugeot model would you like to see in the US?
And would you actually consider buying one…

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  1. This reminds me of another car brand that died out for the same reason that Peugeot did…do you remember Sterling? (It existed in here in the US from 1987 and then died in 1992)

  2. What killed Peugeot in the States was they offered a long warranty on their cars to make them attractive to buyers, but they were unreliable, and it cost them a fortune to fix the cars, so they left.

  3. We have them here in New Zealand.
    Nice looking cars. Not the cheapest to repair (putting it nicely). But they drive well.
    Bit of a mechanics nightmare as well.

  4. If I were shopping for a new car and Peugeot were back in business here in North America I’d definitely ad them to my list. The 308 is a really nice looking car … and very different from anything currently for sale in North America. However, I can’t really see Peugeot giving this a go. With the US Dollar faring so badly against the Euro it would be very, very difficult (probably impossible) for Peugeot to bring their lower and mid-range models to North America and price them competitively (ie, unless they brought in vehicles built in China or South America).

  5. Prestige cars command prestige prices even for mechanical repairs. Peugeot commands costly mechanical repairs because their quality isn’t great although they’ve supposed to have rectified this to a large degree with the new 308, with some 2 million kilometres of testing.

    ‘Out-grow’ is probably a nice way of saying people are willing to put up with cheap and cheerful for so long but then other makers come out with better cars which offer more…It’s like all these cheap Korean cars. They’re garbage but people still buy them but how long till people outgrow them? Not to mention America’s love affair with huge cars and from what I’ve heard the 405 was pretty cramped…

    The ECU on my sister’s 206 just died and it had to be towed yesterday…it’s mainly the electronics that aren’t their forte…

  6. Why are all european cars costly mechanical nightmares to repair?

    Proof please.

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Non, Wouldn’t get the 107 because its ugly. Instead of the 208, i’d get the upcoming US version of Opel Corsa. Astra over the 308, Malibu instead of the 407, G6 coupe over 407 coupe, Vue over the 4007. CTS over the 607. Now the previous gen of most of these peugeots I’d get. New ones are simply ugly.

  8. Burlapp, It would be nice to see the 107 model on the road since it is compact and has some style. I was very close to buying a 405 since I wanted something European, but instead I purchased a 240sx se at the time. Now that it is some 20 years later it would be nice to own one finally.SInce the American public might not be aware of what the models look like and that Mr. Burlapp was not able to show the entire line of “Pugs”, I will attach a link for all of your Burlapp fans to see:

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