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This 406 Coupe is for sale on Ebay. From California.
Minimum bid is $20 000.

And good luck trying to find parts, or anyone who will work on your car.

See the Ebay page by clicking on the title.

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  1. Seems kinda odd never registered but safely has plates and title from florida ? id be really leary to purchase this for anything than a car collection..

  2. Now that France has a respectable and cooperative leader, it is time to import these beauties to the US.
    If the US can love Ratouville, why not this?
    Those rear seats are something else!!

  3. I think it must be a Re-VIN car. It is titled as a 1980 car but the body and interior is too new for 28 years old car.

    I see alot of this illegal doing with the classic MINI when I was in the market for one 5 years ago. The seller would use the VIN from a classic 60s MINI on a newer 90s MINI to get around the DOT and EPA rules. Imagine getting a 61 MINI with dual airbags etc.

    The gov’t is too stupid to employ someone who actually know anything about car to get these shady dealers. Most of them operated out of Florida or North Carolina.

  4. A beautiful car indeed – far more balanced and elegant than the replacement 407 Coupé. I’m sure Fiat are kicking themselves for rejecting this design and going with the rather less elegant (although no less exciting) Chris Bangle designed Fiat Coupé.

  5. The seller explains that it’s a 2000 model year car, but the eBay software would not recogize the non-US VIN and therefore the year 1980 in the listing…

    I’d bid on it if it were a year 2000 time machine too, life in general was so much better then. The promise of a new millennium before the near decade-long shitstorm the world’s been through since instead.

    Oh well.

  6. Seems like this scammer has the car listed in both US Ebay and French Ebay and have different bidders.

    2300 miles for year 2000! You know how difficult it is to get a newer car to conform to US and EPA regulations. So many hoops and moeny to jump through!

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