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Still looking great.
And it should look pretty much the same when it hits the US.

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  1. Now Ford is talking and will finally get the attention of Golf and Civic folks. The all new design and the Sync system will give this car a lot of raised eyebrows.

    I’m also betting that the Mazda’s will also offer the sync system since Ford owns the company and their exclusive rights of the system will expire within several months allowing other companies to utilize the system…

  2. I’m looking for a new car now, which will be a small hatch. This is a nice looking effort from Ford, but it still leaves me wishing the 5-dr Mazda 2 Sport was coming instead. Hello, Honda Fit.

  3. Cute car, but Ford needs to put carpeting or matting on the seat back in the hatch. Bare metal is just ridiculous in a 21st century car.

  4. Wonder why Ford is waiting to get this to USA. They continue to close factories, buy out workers etc etc Just retool a plant and get the thing built already. This would easily be the hotest small car in the USA if it were on dealer lots NOW.

  5. I don’t know why Ford even bothers with small cars..They will lose money and go bankrupt with every Fiesta they sell here.

  6. The exterior design of this new Fiesta is really slick. I’m not a fan of the blue colour of the dashboard, however. And (as someone already mentioned) not putting carpet (or felt) on the back of the rear seat makes the cargo area look really, really cheap.

  7. it seems to take a lot of time to get a Euro car to comply with US or Canadian reg’s. great looking little car, looking forward to five-door version.

  8. Looks good. One of the best looking hatches, maybe second only to the Mini. If Ford doesn’t wait two years to sell it here, it will be a very fresh design.

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