Pontiac GXP drive coming up

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I’ve been wanting to drive the Solstice ever since it came out.
No I’m driving a Manual GXP turbo (as you know)

I will report more on it later.
If you have any questions, anything you want to know about the car, please ask me.
I have it for a week.

So far:

It looks great.
The ride is firm and smooth. Almost perfect.
It looks great.
The engine sounds and feels really nice.
It looks great.
The interior has plenty of cheap plastics.
It feels super solid.

And it looks great…

The one I drove is about $29 000. But cars direct seems to have it for less than $27 000.
And they have the loaded no-turbo auto with everything for a bit over $23 000.
Pretty amazing prices.

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  1. 5k premium for the sport model is a lot to ask, no wonder I never see any.

    The interior of this vehicle is horrible as Vince pointed out. The plastics look like something off of a Fisher Price car…

  2. I tried driving the stunningly beautiful Solstice when it first came out. Not only is there no adjustment to the driving position, my knees wouldn’t fit under the steering wheel enough for me to use the clutch. This car is for people shorter than 6’4″. Combine that with the ridiculously complicated folding top and this car is just another example of GM not watching the details. Oh, and have you tried to use the awfully-placed cup holder yet, Vince? I mean, if they’re going to bother putting them in a car, make them handy.

    The Miata fits me fine, and the cloth top is a one-handed operation from the driver’s seat.

  3. Vince when you finish your test drive of the Solitice I am anixious to how you compare it to the MX-5 (aka Miata ) and which one would you buy?

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