2010 Pontiac G8 ST

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That is now the official name of the “El Camino” version of the Pontiac G8.
It might seem like a crazy idea to come up with a new pick-up when gas is so expensive.

But I think it might actually turn out to be popular.
It is obvious that by now, most people who actually do not need a pick-up truck that gets about 14mpg are getting rid of them. Fast.
The V6 G8 is rated at 25 MPG Hwy. Even if the pick-up version is a little worse, it is much better than any real trucks out there.
(although so far, GM is only talking about the V8 version…)
My guess is that many people who got a truck as a fashion item might actually consider this.
It does look really good and the gas mileage isn’t bad.

Plus the retro 70’s feel of it might not be a bad thing.
And it has a really nice interior.

But we’ll all have to wait a year to see them in the streets…

Who knows, this might work….

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  1. We have had “Utes” for ever and a day in Australia. They proved very popular for those who wanted a car they could take all of their work gear in and still be able to pick up the girlfriend and go our for dinner in. Also they found that being rear wheel drive they are great “Hoon” cars and leave mean burnouts at the drop of a hat…

  2. Horrible idea.

    I can see small European trucks such as this doing well but not something that is more car than utility. I hope that GM is smart enough…

  3. What a crass idea for a car! That is all we need right now: a bunch of rednecks in muscle pick ups…..

  4. I just don’t think it’ll be popular enough. They NEED to have a V6 version. But half the reason people consider trucks is because of the higher sitting point. GM is not in the position to add another premium truck to that market, however gas prices may very well become a selling point. Maybe they can sneak in the turbo 4 currently under development.

  5. Yet another “bomb” built by Pontiac…
    -and now this.
    Pontiac please, you’re not a Defense Contractor! Leave the bomb-making to General Dynamics.

  6. I think it will sell. People who like to carry things will like it. Gas mileage is better, its not a bad looker, there will probably be special editions. The Cali lowrider crowd will love it. I predict a sema darling. The only problem with it is that its a Pontiac.

  7. I think it’s awesome. May consider buying one when it comes out to replace the old pickup, since I don’t do heavy duty hauling.

    And hoonage is also a good reason.

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