Chevrolet Cruze

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Even though this is the Korean market Daewoo version, this is pretty much what we’ll get over here.
So far so good.
Even though this looks like a high end loaded version.

This car cannot come too soon for GM.

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  1. It borrows a lot from the new Malibu, but this should
    be the standard for all Chevy products, seriously!
    I even think the Camero, as nice as it is, should borrow a few elements from this design scheme.
    But what really turns me off it the chevy emblem
    in general, perhaps a Golden C would be more logical
    and understood than some bow-tie or cross.

  2. If GM can continue to build cars like this, they won’t have to announce billion dollar losses ever again! I really think this looks good so far.

  3. I agree with updating/changing the Chevy emblem. Gold is just plain tacky on ANY vehicle and its too big and gaudy. Should resemble the opel insignia…. smaller bowtie with a circle around it. Chrome, silver or aluminum in finish. And for gawd sakes…. stop putting those ultra tacky little square GM emblems on every vehicle. HOW CORNY!!

  4. Look how much it looks like the new Acura TL’s interior below! Looks great! Too bad we have to wait until 2010!

  5. Another rebadged Daewoo. This will probalby be as reliable as the Aveo. Another loser for the GM line-up.

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