Ford/GM powertrain partnership?

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Why not.

They already worked on the 6 speed automatic transmission together. So why not engines?
GM has a god 3.6 liter V6. Ford has a good 3.5 Liter V6. Why not make only one and use in more cars.
If that kind of things can help save both companies, I say go for it.
Who cares really. A good motor is a good motor.

I say they could even share platforms if it helps.

What do you think?
Is the GM/Ford war over?

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  1. I think they should merge full stop. I don’t think they can compete with each other and… the rest of the world at the same time.

  2. Think of all the possible engines that can go into cars and trucks now. I wouldn’t mind if all the automakers got together and developed the most fuel efficient engines, be it hybrid, diesel, V3,4,5,6,8, turbos, hydrogen etc etc
    Maybe we could get to energy independence faster, and have a cleaner place to live!

  3. Next we’ll see ONE american brand with 50 derivatives of the same platform and power train! Maybe they have no other choice. Neither have we! My 0.02c.

  4. If Toyota can re-badge a Pontiac Vibe and call it a Toyota Matrix; then spin off a corolla from the same platform; I see no problem with Ford & GM sharing powertrains. Even the last generation Chev Nova/ Toyota Corolla/ Geo Prism were little more than re-badged versions of each other– all Mfg'd in California. After all, the latest hybrids from Mercedes, BMW, Dodge, Cadillac, Chev, GMC and Chrysler (Aspen) are all the result of ONE groups R&D efforts. And the Prious as it turns out was developed entirely by a group that has noting to do with Toyota (That group is now suing Toyota for coping their patents a little too closely).

  5. The UAW parasites own the big 3 anyway thanks to government laws, so they are already basically one company.

  6. The end of Unique automotive brands ended years ago anyway. Everybody shares. Lincoln needs to concide to Cadillac…it’s just no contest, Mercury can spread over Buick and Saturn.

    Chrysler was working with GM on SUVs as well. Dodge can spread over Chevy and Pontiac and GMC, and Chrysler can put effort into Saturn and Buick.

    They can all form: GAM – General American Motors.

    Sound familiar?

  7. Ford and GM cars to use the same engines? Makes sense, but ruins the perception of superiority if there is any.

    Why not put a Timex movement into a Rolex? Both are similarly accurate.

  8. You can’t possibly want that. Only people who don’t believe in antitrust laws or don’t like American brand cars would think that was OK. I can see cooperating on standardizing next-wave technology like hydrogen fuel cells or a winning electric battery and motor, but never on internal combustion engines. That would be the end of American automotive identity. And Honda and Toyota can basically lay a flag on this market and claim it for Japan.

    Besides, the war is real everywhere. Camaro v. Mustang. Astra v. Focus. Commodore v. Falcon. It’s too fun.

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