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Imagine driving over there.
Is it now total chaos in Russia? Are no laws respected at all?

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  1. Ha. This isn’t just in Russia. I was in Italy in a traffic jam and the Panda in front of me got sick of it. He drove up over the curb and onto the bike path and started driving down it. It was hilarious.

  2. It’s obviously legal to drive backwards, so they’re using it to avoid jams… Unbeleivable. It has allways been a crazy nation

  3. Imagine that going on in L.A. or New York on the morning rush hour…

    On another end, seems to be a good amount of middle-class livin’ going on out there. Not many Ladas, ZILs and BAEs passed by.

  4. I think I liked Russians better when they were communists. They make very uncouth capitalists. Maybe they need more practice?

  5. I spent a total of eight weeks in Russia last year. In my experience (and based on what various Russians conveyed to me) most Russian people approach laws and rules very differently from the way things are done North America and Western Europe. Generally, in Russia if you follow the rules you get stuck … you may have to wait a long time to get what you want / get where you’re going (with no guarantee of success). Consequently, people tend to bend the rules when deemed necessary. Depending on the exact situation they may give a “special gift” to the proper authorities before they do the bending or after they get caught.

    While I was in Russia a friend of my friend was waiting for delivery of a brand new Opel Corsa. This was to be her first car and (although she was in her early 30’s) she didn’t have a driving license. Based on the way the testing for the driving license was structured it was going to be impossible for her to have her license before she received her car. Under the best possible circumstances I think she could get her license four weeks after the car arrived. To get around this problem she simply found the appropriate person and made the requisite monetary “contribution”. Like magic she was licensed to drive prior to receipt of her new car.

    Unfortunately, she smashed up her Opel a few months after receiving it … perhaps following through on the testing would have been a good idea after all!

  6. letd s bringthecomunists back inpower these guys dont deserve democracy they are just a buncj h of savages and they shouldnt be free

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