Toyota iQ VS. Smart

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I saw the iQ at a dealer when I was in Europe last month.
They had 2 pre-production models at the main Toyota display in Paris.
I was surprised about how wide the car looked. Much, much wider than the Smart.
And I think this is why it might be a hit. It doesn’t feel like a super tiny car. Although it is.
Plus, it does have 2 small back seats.

they need to sell this in the US ASAP. How about a Scion???

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  1. The IQ is so much cooler than the Smart that it isn’t funny. Get it here asap, and please DONT make it a Scion. Scion is a poseur brand.

  2. MANN.. I’d sooo drive that over the Smart any day..

    I hope they bring this here..
    It looks so cool!

  3. I think the Toyota IQ! looks alot better than the Smart and probably will have better fuel economy too. Lets just hope these small cars have freat impact and safety standards. I just have a problem when a casket is larger than a car, go figure.

  4. I’d love to see this sold here. It would make for a great city car and I think more people trust Toyota than Smart (even if it’s a MB). I don’t see why Toyota wouldn’t be able to sell 25-30K of these a year in the US.

  5. I would definitely get one over the Smart for its four seats. I do occasionally drive three people around. Not everyone who wants a cool looking car is single or a DINK.

  6. I can’t help feeling that there would not be any rear legroom if the IQ is a four seater. Unless its like Dr Who’s tardis.
    Mind you its hard to judge from the illustration.

  7. There is no way that I would ever purchase one of these over the Smart. There is also no way that this is safer, no way in hell.

  8. There is no way that I would ever purchase one of these over the Smart. There is also no way that this is safer, no way in hell.

    The car would have to meet safety standards. Your concerns might be unwarranted.

    I hope Toyota kicks some smart ass with this car. It could do it, too, at similar cost and less repairs. Don’t get me wrong…I think the smart is cool, but it’s far too costly for the tiny car you get. Gas mileage isn’t so stunning, either.

    p.s. Love the quirky style. Interior is funky, and the steering wheel has an odd flat spot on the bottom of the rim. And is that sat/nav along with keyless ignition? Very cool. Let’s see a smart do that.

  9. Scion iQ would be an AWESOME idea!
    Scion needs something else to attract
    people into their showrooms, and this
    would be a good car for young people-
    as older people with kids might need a
    bigger car. If this is too small for them,
    they could always settle for an xB.

  10. The name is already pre-ordained for Scion.. small i, big Q! I’m guessing it is already in the works, possibly by the 2010 model year.

  11. I don’t understand how people can say the iQ looks better than the smart. It might be more practical because it has 4 seats (maybe it can even seat 5, being as wide as it is), but better looking?? It looks ugly and chunky and odd and also sort of mishmash, as if it had been pieced together from ideas from seventeen different stylists (which is probabably the case). Stylingwise, it doesn’t hold a candle to the smart

  12. What’s next? GM Genius? Honda Brainiac? Ford Clever? Chrysler Know-It-All?

    It looks nice simply because it’s a different look from the Smart.

    And with BMW thinking on another Isetta, a real race could heat up.

  13. the design is clearly gendered: in comparison to each other the Smart is a high-healed elegant lady, while the IQ is a sturdy, muscly bully. The only thing is: a minuscule bully is… ridiculous, isn’t it?

  14. How many months/miles is the IQ warranty. If it is more in line with other car warranties then that alone might make it far more desirable than the Smart with its rediculously short warranty. Love my Smart but would really like to see the IQ kick Smart’s (Mercedes) butt in sales and force Mercedes to extend the Smart warranty.

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