2010 Ford Mustang interior

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First official picture.
It looks like they paid attention to quality, more than a complete new theme.
Which is great. I still like the current interior.
And I don’t think it’s that cheap for a car starting at around $20 000.
But this already seems better. In tune with what Ford has been doing lately. The Flex has a very nice interior with quality materials.
And from the pictures I’ve seen, the 2010 Taurus will too.

Good news all around.
Now, I just wonder what they’ll use as a base engine. Let’s hope they ditched the 4.0 Liter V6….

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2010 Ford Mustang

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  1. I really like the steering wheel buttons. I hope those carry out the through the ford brand and replace the dated steering wheel buttons they keep re-using on newer models

  2. The one improvement that Ford MUST make to the Mustang interior is to redesign the dumb looking speaker grilles in the door. They look like cheap plastic sandbox toys. Looks like Ford fixed the other major flaw… the audio head unit.

  3. the 4.0 liter v6 is fine if it produce 340 horsepower.

    and with that being said the 4.6L v8 should make 390 hp :p

  4. pretty bland, speaking of bland. i was just at a meeting with Nissan Canada brass. These people are idiots. no concept of the car business whatsoever. Mark Grimm, the pres.. and an american that lives in the U.S. is so out of touch, i was laughing during his speech. the man’s retarded.Not o mention Jeff Parent and the like. they babbled and read to us like we were children. absolutely noooo game plan. ps. they showed a photo of the new cube, which I was awaiting anxiously. it’s sooooo ugly, it will be a bomb.

  5. Why the cheap plastic chrome around instrument bezel and vents. Someone inside Ford must think this is classy when it significantly cheapens an otherwise well executed interior.

  6. the new Mustang interior looks like it means business… with a luxurious touch. It’ll go very well with the refined, re-sculpted exterior – adding up to (one of, if not) The Best-Looking Mustangs Ever!!!

  7. The headlight switch is straight out of Volswagens parts bin. Its identical to the one on my 2001 GTI. Very odd.

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