All new Renault Megane

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And still looking great in these official shots.
Much more modern than the “new” Golf.

This would make a great Nissan Sentra in the US.
They even offer a140hp 2.0 Liter, and a turbo verion with 180hp. Fitting the US market perfectly.
Plus a bunch of diesel engines including a 2.0 Liter with 160hp.

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  1. Vince of course it looks more “modern” than the Golf, its a Renault and an all-new design of the Megane. The Golf has always been conservative and evolutionary although to be fair “modern” is the wrong word. The Golf is also modern just in a different way. Not so sure i dig the new Megane but it definitely looks more expensive and better made.

    No way this will make it as a US saloon, it would be too costly and even if they used the platform (which is the same as the one on the Qashqai) the end product would probably look crap and feel crap

  2. GM sells us the Astra
    Mazda sells us the 3
    VW gets us the GTI
    Honda offers the Fit in the US
    Ford will get us both the Fiesta and the next Euro Focus
    All these cars are much cheaper here than in Europe.

    I really think Nissan can find a way to sell this over here if they really want to.
    This “too costly” thing is pure manufacturer PR BS.

    They can do it if they want to.

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