Ssangyong C200 Concept

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Ssangyong, the Korean/Chinese manufacturer of the world’s ugliest SUVs will be showing a new concept at the Paris show.

And it’s not ugly!
That’s the big news. Plus it will be car based unlike their other ones.
I remember last year reading about an all electric SUV being offered in the US . That was actually based on a Ssangyong.
But I never heard about it since.

So maybe this will make it over here eventually. Maybe through some independent distributor. Or if someone decides to turn this one into an electric car….

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  1. This would have been a great Matrix. Hey, China needs to do alot of work on their engineering and safety but at least they are trying. Maybe they can rip-off the Matrix or Mazda3 platform and engine and produce this. I wonder if i’ll be able to get it serviced at my local Toyota dealership;]

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