2010 Ford Fusion

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First official picture.

There was never anything wrong with the front of the car. But at least it still looks good.
The rear and the interior are also supposed to be new.

But there are also good news in the powertrain department:

-The base engine is now a 2.5 Liter with 175hp. Plenty for 90% of customers.
-The 3.0 Liter V6 is back, not with 240hp. I am glad to see they stick with the 3.0 Liter.
I don’t like the trend where V6 engines keep getting bigger and bigger. 3.0 Liter is plenty for a car this size.
-The “new” 3.5 Liter is available on a Sport version only.

But the biggest news are about the all new Hybrid model.
It can run on electric alone up to 47mph! That is pretty amazing. Ford claims the city mileage will be much better than the Camry Hybrid. By 5mpg!
That is great news.
We need more hybrid mid sized sedans.
Let’s just hope the price is right…

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  1. This should help put the final nail in GM’s coffin. It looks far better than the Malibu! Very decent looking car. One can only hope Ford comes out on top this year leaving GM in the dust.

  2. This looks pretty good. The grill looks huge, but good. The powertrain options are good too. I’m looking forward to seeing the rear and interior. I saw pics of the Milan and although I can see people liking it, particularly women, to me the car has a feminine look to it, I like the old one better. The grill on the new Milan is huge and the new Milan does’nt look like you can modify it at all. The old Milan, you could put on front and rear lip spoilers, a set of tasteful rims and the car would look awesome but the new one….uh…no, you can’t do that. The new Fusion looks more agressive, more modifyable. I wonder if all wheel drive will be an option still?

    Sorry for the rambling….I just had a few beers.

  3. We need more hybrid mid sized sedans.

    Long time fan, but I think it’s interesting when people say stuff like that. What “we really need is…” or “Americans really want…”

    Replace “we need” with “I think other people should drive…” and you’ve got a true statement. Nothing is stopping any one of us from buying the kind of car we want.

    As in: “I think other people should drive more hybrid mid size sedans.”

  4. I just read that Ford is putting a manumatic with the 3.5l v6. Finally. I’m still hoping for the all wheel drive too, then I’ll make my own SVT Fusion. Good job Ford! Now just get the ecoboost going and you should be sitting pretty.

  5. looks great! it’s nice to see Ford and GM designing nice products, including the Malibu, Fusion, Camaro, Mustang…

    but too bad chrysler is going down..

  6. It looks like a carbon copy of a Mercedes with is a good thing! FORD is really on it’s way up, they know that if they wanna stay they’ve gotta up their game. They’re doing a great job so far aside from the new FOCUS, barf!

  7. Prices:
    2010 Fusion Hybrid Rapid Spec #500A $27,995
    Rapid Spec #501A $29,590
    Rapid Spec #502A $31,940

  8. Looking like a mercedes ?!?? Now you gettin’ weird !!!

    It doesn’t look like a mercedes AT ALL… It simply looks like nothing.

    I personnaly find it ok at best.

  9. hahhahah…so typical. the big, outrageous grille looks good on the ford. of course, if it was on an acura, it’d be the ugliest car on the planet. i love it.

  10. I’m sorry. WHAT??!! This is the answer to who’s question? Ford offers this to me, while the Civic, Accord, Corrola and Camry sit at the dealer next door? Does Ford thing I’m stupid enough to buy this crap as a form of patriotic charity? When will someone with a high enough position in Detroit throw in the towel and sell me a Mondeo?? What is Ford stock valued at these days? Wheatever it is, I’m sure it reflects this mediocure, embarrising car. Shame on them. I pray that the Chevy Volt was concieved by a far smarter team of individuals. Maybe the success of that car will help employ the hardworking people that have been laid off by Ford.

  11. I rented a fusion and thought the car drove great. This new front end makes it look more sporty. The only weak spot was the interior, a little bit harsh. Hope they softened it up a bit.

  12. I have always thought the Fusion was a smart looking car. Much better looking than a Camry or Accord, but certainly not the Malibu. I’ll have to see the updated Fusion from other angles before I decide this new front works. Hopefully they’ve improved the interior significantly

  13. The redesign looks nice, but that’s a lot of chrome. Still from this photo the Fusion still looks better than the awkward Accord (Awkword?) and bland Camry. I’d like to see more photos, especially the interior. On the other hand the drivetrain lineup sounds great.

  14. Many times when you have a mid life refresh you get an uglification of the existing car. Thankfully, this doesn’t appear to be the case. I like the new front end and the new power train options are outstanding.

    Vince, you should have posted up about the new hybrid’s LCD instrument cluster. Its really cool looking.

  15. To anonymous oct 29, 2008 7:37pm,

    As far as I’m concerned, I can’t speak for others, I agree about the fairness of your statement. One maunfacturer builds a huge grill and we all bash it and another builds a huge grill and we all like it. I think in the case of Acura, again as far as I’m concerned, I was expecting something elegant, sophisticated, clean and streamlined looking. When Acura came out with their new grill I was shocked. To me the old TL and RL were a couple of the best looking cars on the road. To me their new design language is a huge step backward.

    In the case of Ford, again as far as I’m concerned, they could’nt do any worse. Anything they did would be an improvement. Not that the current Fusion is hideous or anything, I just did’nt like it. I like the new front end of the Ford but no it’s not perfect. There’s a bit too much chrome on the front for my liking. But the headlights look waaay better, the styling of the grill looks better and the airdam area is a huge improvement.

    The bottom line of all this crap I just wrote….Ford is (I think) trying to improve. I think they know (finally) that people are tired of the crap sandwiches they were constantly putting on the dinner table. So with the money they have left I think they are trying to come out with better products. But Acura, they are just trying out a new styling direction. Although I respect that, I believe they are capable of waaaayy more. To just slap on an suv looking front end to all their vehicles for the sake of creating a new design theme, in my opinion is just lazy on their part. Getting to the top is always easier than staying at the top and Acura is now learning that. Acura is capable of so much more and when I see these weird designs all I can say is w.t.f.?

    Sorry, I’ll shut my piehole and get off my soapbox now.

  16. I think that huge chrome grill is obnoxious! Chrome is so played out. First Acura with their King Arthur shield grills, now this. Isn’t Ford supposed to be going with a GLOBAL look? And what happens to this car when they lose Mazda. If I am correct, this is built off of the Mazda 6 platform. Right? That’s the only reason that the Fusion made any noise in the first place…they couldn’t do it on their own.

  17. Wow, this looks really nice and in some way makes the current Fusion not look old! Both front ends are nice from the get go. I can’t wait to see the rear on this. Ford finally figured out how not to be bland and we are seeing the fruits of their revelation! The Malibu finally has some tough competition!

  18. Not much difference from the current Fusion except for the bolder front end which looks out of place on a car that’s bland in other respects.

    Will buyers reject an Accord or Camry for this? I doubt it.

  19. I’d like to see more photos, another color, a base version. Because i currently don’t like it. That’s a lot of chrome. It may become out of style fast.

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