Chrysler breaking up?

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Crazy, weird and sad rumors about the possible breakup of Chrysler within a few weeks:

-Merger with GM still moving ahead.
-Renault would be interesting in acquiring Jeep.
-GM interested in Chrysler’s Mexico factories.

What does that mean for the other brands, Chrysler and Dodge.
Chrysler would compete with Buick. And Dodge would be in the way of Chevrolet and Pontiac.
GM sure doesn’t need more brands right now. So I can’t see them surviving an a merger.

What do you think of all this Chrysler mess???

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  1. Chrysler is a mess and Cerberus probably wishes it never had anything to do with it.

    There’s no future in an independent Chrysler Corp. now, so its pieces will probably be sold off or combined to minimize Cerberus’ loss.

    Chrysler brands might have value for a Chinese company whose own brands might be considered too weird for quick acceptance in the U.S., and Jeep might be a good buy for Nissan or other company.

    Chrysler and Dodge brands wouldn’t give GM anything it doesn’t already have in Chevy, Pontiac, and Buick.

    Sad to see Chrysler’s decline, but…….

  2. I’m not a savant (I think that’s spelled right) or anything but I knew it was’nt a good thing when Cerebus took over Chrysler. I heard around the internet a while after Cerebus took over, I heard they said, “what the heck did we get ourselves into?” I believe they have been looking for a way out ever since. If this merger goes through, Cerebus gets out of their obligation without losing any more money and GM gets new factories, equipment, and personnel probably cheap while at the same time eliminating 1/3 of their (domestic) competition. I have no love for Chrysler, but it will be sad to see them go. I just hope their won’t be too many job losses. I wonder how Ford feels about this?

  3. I think that whoever gets/keep them, should move ahead with some desirable designs, inside and out, to boost sales; making C/D/J a stronger competitor in the industry. That way they’ll be more valuable to keep around than to kill them off. If GM does 9mil in sales a year (with the Chrysler group as there competition) imagine if they do what they need to do to boost sales [desirable designs inside/out] of C/D/J and be able to add that to thier annual sales figures. C/D/J are all big name brands and could do better than even Ford here in the states if all of there current nameplates they have out now were done right. Not just the 300/Charger and Ram etc.!

  4. ‘An “Anonymous” cont’d’. I also think that GM needs to drop GMC and Pontiac; and give thier designs to Chevy. Or drop GMC and Buick; and make Pontiac a “niche ONLY” brand, with only models like a roadster, a 4-door coupe, a 2+2+2 crossover, etc. w/ hot designs like that of the Soltice. That would be a smart decision that’ll make plenty of room for Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep to grow and add to GM’s annual sales!

  5. Time will tell if this mess gets sorted. I dont think we have seen anything this serious between the 3 car makers ever in automotive history.

  6. Corporate greed has ‘come home to roost.’ How freakin’ hard is it to build a quality vehicle! If the Japanese and now the Korean can do it, why can’t we?? Two words … GREED and UNACCOUNTABILITY.

    GREED. (1) They cut so much corner to make a profit that the vehicle is not up to snub to the consumer. As a consumer, I want my car to be reliable and good looking. (2) Cut down on the number of vehicles that compete with each others. (3) Long term outlook, greed produces so many SUVs in the past few years that change in the consumers’ taste devastate the ‘bottom line.’ Bring over your European/Asia vehicles to fill in the gap NOW.

    UNACCOUNTABILITY. (1) get rid of your mid-line managers and corporate ‘yes-man.’ Bring in fresh talent from your overseas area. WORK with the UAW .. be frank with them. It is now a do-or-die situation. Union sometimes can bog down a company because of the me-me mentality.

    AND.. DON”T ASK FOR A BAIL OUT!!!! It didn’t work with Chrysler in the past!

  7. Yes flipping chrysler for a quick buck just isn’t going to happen. They seem to trying to cut their losses. What is GM thinking?

  8. One thing for sure, there will be no new products, and loads of somewhat popular ones will just vanish. Goodbye Challenger!

    When Studebaker closed in 1966, there was no press party. They are not going to announce much of anything about what they keep and what they let die.

  9. Maybe it’s time for GM to reorganize in a big way. I’ve always thought that badge changed clones/cousins/sisters/whatevers were the wrong way to go. Chrysler did it right when they got rid of the Shadow/Sundance and just brought the Neon for both brands.

    I think the consumer is smart enough to know a Taurus is a lower Sable, a G5 is the same a Cobalt…etc. Why waste time, marketing, etc on seperate identities, and use those resources to create better cars? go from 11 models to 6…

    Sell all the cars under one big GM banner. Get rid of the seperate divisions, but keep the names…I can’t imagine the Pontiac Corvette, or the Saturn XLR…leave the niche products as they are, but don’t over produce them. I can imagine a Chevy Caravan, however…howabout a Jeep Hummer H4?

    Eventually, you could phase out the brand names, and just call them the GM Grand Caravan, GM G8, GM Escalade…you get the point. It’s all trims anyways…

    And the E-Cars could just become the Volt Series…

  10. This is the only way for them to get part of the $25B taxpayer (aka, retarded voters) money from the legal mafia…Your political mafia just stole from all of you and gave it to these losers.

    Who is the greater loser? US auto industry or the government-loving retarded voters.

  11. WTF was that private equity firm that bought up Chrysler thinking? I can’t imagine they made anything close to a profit off this.

    Chrysler is a great company. I hope they do everything to prevent its demise. Any breakup of the company just amounts to a slow painful death for it.

    It’s too bad none of the management there could get there sh*t together.

  12. Hey everybody, Johnny is on to something when he says goodby Challenger! “IF” Chrysler is going to go by by, then can anyone imagine how the Challenger, Charger, Viper and 300 will do at Barrett Jackson 20 years from now? Maybe I’m just talking out of my sphyncter but it’s just a thought.

  13. If they somehow found a way to merge the Impala and Intrepid, you wouldn’t have a boring full size ssedan for Chevy anymore.

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