New Scirocco in the US?

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That is the word from VW spokesman Steve Keyes.
It seems VW might change its mind, and bring the new Scirocco over here after all.

Except “it would be positioned a little bit differently.”
What the hell does that mean.

I would think in Europe is it sold as a sports coupe. What about over here. A fancy compact?
A sports wagon? A luxury sedan???

I’m not sure what they mean by that.
But I would love to see these cars over here.

And please, let’s make sure they price it right. Because almost $25 000 for a base Tiguan isn’t moving a lot of cars in the US…

Anyone here would seriously consider the new Scirocco???

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  1. Basically he means its going to positioned like the Volvo C30 – a cheap car for a ridiculously high price. I would absolutely not consider this car.

  2. It looks as if they are having trouble deciding where to price this for the US. Should they give us a stripped down version starting at a price UNDER the golf or bring it over as is and make it above the Golf/Rabbit in price but still under the GTI? I figured this was the difficulty they were faced with that stopped it from coming over here. How is this configured around the Golf in the lineup in Europe? Can they make it relative for the US market? How great is the Eos selling? Maybe it can replace it in the US lineup.

  3. I hate to say it, but the Civic Si would probably clean its clock for $10,000 less (if they’re planning on going upscale as our market tanks). Maybe they’ll do a limited production run of Sciroccos and bring the GTI down in price.

    Or they could kill the 2-door…er…3-door Rabbit and GTI and just make this their performance 3-door.

    I priced out an Eos the other day and it almost went to $40k. I’d buy a year-old Volvo convertible for less, and they have better seats and fit/finish.

    And just as the Camaro/Challenger/Mustang’10 come out…

  4. No…but style the new Golf like this and price it under $20,000. Then I’ll buy 2. This pricey hatch thing doesn’t make sense to me. For the same money I can think of nearly a dozen other cars I’d buy instead.

  5. I like this car and would consider it if it weren’t for one thing, the GTI. The Scirocco is beautiful, but for all practical purposes, it’s the same bloody car without the option of four doors. I don’t see the logic regardless of what continent it’s being offered.

  6. too damn late for this… it would have been at the top of my list but I already got a car cuz I was sick of waiting around…

    oh and Vince… Im betting “potioned a bit differently” means it wont be the same price as the Golf GTI like it is in Europe …well over 30K for this one I’m sure

    guess it wouldnt make sense to price it so low anyway and sell 2 hatchbacks here for the same price… where we dont love hatches to begin with

  7. “Basically he means its going to positioned like the Volvo C30 – a cheap car for a ridiculously high price. I would absolutely not consider this car.”

    Exactly. For Europe this concept works, but not here in America. I appreciate the compact luxury segment but I’d still rather have a larger vehicle for the money.

    The guy talking about the Civic Si is absolutely right. The GTI and Si are very similar performance wise, and the Scirocco is heavier than the GTI.

  8. cute the box says it’s a nice car and by now, the golf/rabbit should have evolved into this. but as they do in Deutsland, boring wins. look at porsche, their new parent, same cars forever. the old sciroccos were much sexier!

  9. The base Scirocco 1.4 TSI already starts in Europe at 22K euro’s and the 2.0 TSI is 26K euro’s…
    So good luck with that in the US… The C30 starts 2K lower.

    It doesn’t look to me like a sportcar (and I’ve seen it in person). Rather like a Golf fastback (or well the C30).

  10. Yeah..I don’t see the big deal. back in the day you could go down to vw and get a gti or the scirocco. its what is going to fit your life style and needs.

  11. About couple months ago 2 were shipped to LAX from German. One neon green one red. I work for the airline and they said it will be on sale as a 2009. Im not sure if it’s even true sinse November is coming already. Maybe 2010??

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