Revised Mitsubishi Outlander coming next year

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It looks like Mitsubishi is desperate to use the same face on all their cars.
Why not… or why?

Is it really going to make a big change in sales?
I almost never see the Outlander over here. Most people don’t even know it exist. It’s just not on the map of most buyers.
And many people don’t even think of Mitsubishi at all when buying a car.

These guys need to do something. Fast.
Their cash would be better spend in advertising. Letting people know they still exist.
Instead of new front end for their slow selling cars…

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  1. That’s funny… I remember being impressed with the Outlander when I looked at it at this year’s auto show, but for the life of me I can’t remember what the front end looked like right now. I guess it really isn’t all that memorable.

  2. Someone needs to check the people in their marketing dept. Lets see…let’s take the only car in Mitsu’s lineup giving the company any sort of legitimacy and dilute that by putting the face and watered down tech on every other car, including SUV’s. Sounds like a dumbass strategy is already backfiring. I give the company 5 years tops to go under.

  3. Totally disagree, Vince. It’s a strong face and their advertising – in recent years – has been well-known, with it’s tie-in to popular music (“Days go by and still I think of you…”). What they need is BUZZ. That’s pretty ethereal, but doable.

  4. This is a huge mistake! They should have left the outside alone, did some improvements to the interior (it did’nt need many inside) and put a direct injected turbo 4cyl in it. They would have had the most fuel efficient and powerful small suv. They could have had a turbo diesel version and a base 4 cylinder too. I thought it was the best looking one out there and I was considering purchasing one in the future, but now it’s one of the ugliest. What a huge mistake!

  5. It’s a frowning Audi!

    Yep, they’ll sell a couple of cars. There are worse CUVs (with seven seats, am I wrong?) out there.

    I think I would consider this over the Suzuki XL7 or the Nissan Rogue because of the rebates…

  6. I think the Outlander is doing well in Europe. I see plenty of them around here. To me, it is a very good-looking car; the French versions of it, with different front ends, not only don’t look anywhere as good (the Citroën C-Crosser and, particularly, the Peugeot 4007), but I don’t think they are selling as much either. So, I would say it is not a good move to change the front…

  7. I hope there is fine mesh in that huge grille. Otherwise there maybe a few stray stones through the air con radiator.

  8. I love how everyone is trying to be the next “Audi”, having the SAME EXACT corporate face on every vechicle. I think the current outlander is great and this ruins it. Not everyone wants an Evo or an S4. As boring as Fords and Mercurys are, they at least know how to create different characteristics out of the same boring grill for each of their cars.

  9. Except for the Evo, I thought Mitsubishi pretty much went away when the last Starion, Tredia and Cordia rolled off the assembly line. No? This looks like an Isuzu with a botched Audi knockoff grille. Not a good sign.

  10. Vince, They should have spent their money UPGRADING the INTERIOR from econobox status to Hyundai standards! The interior is the cheapest I have seen in any Crossover/SUV available in the states at any price!

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