2010 Acura NSX

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We finally get a glimpse of what the all new NSX will look like when it comes out next year.
And it’s nothing spectacular, really.
Sure, it will have a big V10 with 560hp.

But really, how many people would really trade their European exotic (and great looking) cars for this???

Good luck…

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  1. This will be a pretty cool car, but I do agree……other than the big V 10 it’s really nothing new. How much is this car going to be? I’m guessing it’s going to perform like a Corvette Z06 but be priced the same as a ZR-1 or a low end Ferrari.

  2. With exchange rates the way they are, we Americans might be in for a treat. At 560hp, this is almost competing with the Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano ($264,034, 620hp), the Merc CLK63 AMG Black Series ($130,000, 500hp), the Maserati GranTurismo ($110,000, only 405hp), the BMW M6 ($100,300 500hp hardtop) and might be in the neighborhood of the Corvette ZR-1 ($103,970, 620hp).

    A price tag of about $89,000 wouldn’t be hard to imagine. I’d compare this one to the Ferrari to really sell them to all the folks who aren’t having their portfolios pummeled. During this economic collapse, call it the “smart exotic buy”. The new NSX is an especially good idea while it’s really in bad taste to buy a Ferrari or a Maserati when your friends are being investigated by the SEC.

  3. If it’s not mid-engined, I have trouble relating this to the legendary NSX. It’s just not the same. And that front end doesn’t look particularly attractive, by the way. Reminds me of the late MG TF and SV models.

  4. Nothing spectacular about the design but a V-10 for half the price of a Lambo or Ferrari will make this thing a real hit.

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