New Ford Fiesta

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Experienced in person by Mr.Burlapp himself….

All I can tell you is that it looks great in person. Even better than the pictures.
It’s kind of funny that this one was parked right in front of the previous model.

It is a very modern and fun looking car, and I really hope it is a hit in the US when it comes over here.

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  1. I hope it’s a hit too. Ford needs a couple of homeruns now. The car looks good. Although that’s a funny lookin’ liscence plate it’s got there. I guess they shipped it in for a little show and tell. Maybe Mullaly should drive it to Washington DC instead of the corporate jet to show it off. Then when some politician who flew on their charter jet to DC on taxpayers dollars asks him how he got there, he could say with pride, “I drove here in the new Ford Focus, lets all go out front and I’ll show it to you.”

  2. Um-that’s your average European license plate,
    and it’s the Fiesta. Just saying.

    But I like it-and I very likely might buy one.
    In hatchback of course, with leather and

  3. It is just surprising to me that the 5 door hatch is the best looking of the bunch…

    I’m in the process of selling my 06 ‘stang because I don’t need a 2nd car right now. If I go back to having a 2nd car, the fiesta could very well be it…

  4. I love the design of the Fiesta. The 3-door and the 5-door both look great. And I love the commercial. Look for it on youtube. It’s almost epic. That’s what the Golf never does: surprise.

  5. Funny, I think VW has gone to simple in design, mazda/peugeot too over the top, Ford in my opinion has nailed the styling of a small car!!!! Good for them, they need a break.

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