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This is the 1st picture of the production model that will go on sale in just a few months.
They are planning to sell 100 000 units in the US.
Base price is rumored to start at around $18 500.

The gas engine is a small 1.3 Liter.

More really soon….

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  1. It looks just like the concept, minus the grille, lights, wheels and doorhandles.

    Awesome, they are going to sell a lot of these!!!

  2. Why do these hybrids need to be shaped like rectal suppositories? Is the auto industry purposely trying to expose those who dare pay to have better fuel economy by dressing their cars like dork-mobiles?

  3. Seems like Honda has stooped to a new level of outsourcing. Wouldn’t be surprised if it says Toyota somewhere on the inside panel.

  4. Honda should avoid taking pictures of this car at this angle. Or at all. Are those 12″ wheels?

  5. Why do these hybrids need to be shaped like rectal suppositories?

    Form follows function. Aerodynamics improve efficiency. Do you ever read a book?

  6. It will make a killing….including the Civic Hybrid itself, since it will be cheaper.

    But where’d the CR-Z go?

  7. This looks like a chinese copy of the toyota prius. You know how they try to change just a couple things to make it like it is an original design!

  8. The 80’s style lift door handles and 4 lug wheels give away its roots as the Fit which is a car designed for third world countries. This is a last minute desperate attempt by Honda to throw something together to try to compete with the midsize Prius which is a much more refined car with backup camera, smart key, stability control and the class leading room of a Camry, which will also will lead in mileage by up to 10 mpg better than the Insight.

  9. “Carl said…
    I bet its gonna be built like a tin can for 18.5, even thinner sheetmetal than a Civic.

    You, sir, are an idiot.

  10. To all the people who don’t like Honda’s and Toyota’s in America:

    These companies employ thousands of Americans. And keep hiring more. If we don’t have those factories, where will those workers go? To the Big 3 factories? NOPE. Because those vehicles are getting less valuable and efficient by the day!

    So everyone needs to get over the old thinking that America runs on the Big 3. It’s not that way anymore, and never will be again. People are realizing we deserve better gas mileage, safer, and overall better vehicles than what the Big 3 have been pushing on us thru history.

  11. OK, Honda will sell this for $18.5K, on sale in a few months —

    And GM is reportedly going to be charging nearly $40K for the Volt, if it EVER actually goes on sale with the as-yet undeveloped “magic batteries” —

    Does anyone else smell “D.O.A.” for GM’s offering?!?!?!


    Just PLEASE, GM:
    You don’t need to re-invent the automobile.

    You just come up with cars that PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT!!!!!! Really. It actually IS that simple.

    Folks, Darwinism is hard at work around us, every day. Never a dull moment.

  12. Why do economical cars like this always have to look like something that clowns use to commute? What a hiddeous, ridiculous, misproportioned car. If this is the future of the automobile, I’ll go you one greener and just take the bus.

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