All new Mercedes E Class Coupe

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So you know, the third small side window is actually glass. It is just covered on the prototype by a piece of tape.
So it does look much better.
And allows all windows to come down for a really open look and feel.

Quite a nice feature.

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  1. YOu know, seeing it next to the 80s 190E (or 300E) sitting right there…makes me miss the 80s!

    And that third little window looks weird. Are all 3 windows going to be “pillarless”?

    If so, sign me up. Of course I cannot afford one (thank you Mr. Madoff).

  2. Mercedes seems to be the only one that makes a true pillarless hardtop these days. Us Americans unfortunately abdicated that styling prowess many years ago.

    They keep teasing us with hardtop concepts (Camaro, Challenger anyone?)……….. but what do we get?

    Yet another pillared coupe or sedan. 🙁

  3. the rear reminds me of the nissan bluebird sylphy dont much like the new M-B styling, but i never liked the current CLK. it looks too tall and narrow, especially after the low, wide stance of the original CLK

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