Subary Legacy concept

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This one is very sad.

It is basically the new Subaru, but it already looks so boring and old, it’s even worse as a concept.
I don’t know what they are thinking…

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  1. Someone needs to explain to Subaru that fitting LED lights and an iPod interior to your next dull saloon does not make it a “concept”.

  2. Everything is wrong. Propotions are wrong, glass house is not at all integrated, the lines are all over the place, the detailing is very poor. Oh god. This is like a bad chinese concept from a couple of years ago. What are they thinking?!

  3. Subarus tend to look better in person, and that front bumper won’t be the same as the production version.

  4. eh?
    i think this looks quite alright, and wouldn’t hesitate to buy one.
    though, i’d take my Skoda Octavia RS over this…
    still with a 3.6L engine, it’d move well and the subaru AWD system is very surefooted. i owned a MY01 Liberty (I live in Australia – Liberty is the Legacy due to a widow’s club) before my Skoda and it was great!

  5. The exterior looks like a Chinese version of the Malibu.

    The dash is from Subaru’s parts bin.

    The awd is the only thing Subaru has going for it, and that logs the EPA fuel economy way down.

  6. I really hate cars where all the go-fast updates are in the plastic, and the basic silhouette is mainstream. This looks like something from a Godzilla movie set. Those rearview mirrors are just terrible… like an undeveloped fetus arm.

  7. This had some pretty good potential, but yeah, this thing is DOA. It’s like new Acura TL meets 1998 Legacy. The front and rear facia’s of the car don’t match the sides…..very weird looking. What’s the story with the 2 foot rear view mirror?

  8. I loved the Saturn Ion when it first came out and now the second generation platform seems to only strengthen all the positve attributes of this fine automobile!

  9. Now I leave my comment from Japan.
    I know some of employees working at Subaru(Fuji Heavy Industries).

    Subaru ‘already’ has been crashed by idiotic exectives.
    Ironically, an exective from GM helped Subaru when they made last 4th legaty but now all career exectives cannot make right minded decisions.

    Porsche, please help Subaru….

  10. Just terrible. I’m so embarrassed for Subaru as they have some great engineers. They surely need new design leadership. For a car this important to be this far behind and lacking in any imagination is truly a failure.

  11. I’ve owned several Subies and I can tell you that they are great cars. What’s sad is that their design in general is so dated or, in this case, so awkward.

    To Subaru management- are you listening???!!!!!You could sell far more cars if you improved your design language.

  12. Subaru serves a niche market, and they serve it well. The efficient size of the car combined with the AWD capability cater to a very specific customer, and not one that cares for the flashy styling of a Lexus. The most important role this car fulfills is as the basis for the Outback. Subaru lives by the notion that you don’t fix what’s not broken, and as such, never throw the baby out with the bathwater. They simply tweak what has already proven itself to work well, and it’s a lesson that some American automakers might want to jot down. There are some parts of the country where you rarely see a Subaru, but anyone who has ever spent anytime in the Pacific Northwest or New England knows all to well just how well Subaru Outbacks sell in those markets… year after year after year. Perhaps, for little Subaru, that’s enough.

  13. “cater to a very specific customer, and not one that cares for the flashy styling of a Lexus.”

    My friend, there is a huge difference between “flashy styling” and good design. Unfortunately, Subaru has neither and its reflected in their modest sales and thoroughly mediocre press reviews (when commenting on design). I understand their trepidation after the pig-nose fiasco, but this Legacy and the new Imprezza are just not an answer.

  14. toyota , see primus up above. what an abomination here now at subaru, toyotas little brother. what a very ugly family

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