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Saw this last night, on Silver Lake Blvd.
I have never seen this in the US before, an old Renault 4. I guess from the 60’s or 70’s. Who knows.

I just wonder how it ended up over here….

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  1. Considering the location, it must have been a movie prop for a US film that included scenes in France or northern Africa

  2. The Renault-4 was my first car.

    With the years I’ve come to appreciate that little 1978 machine. With only 1,100cc and a 4-speed manual transmission it was so capable, efficient and cheap to operate.

    I negotiated the high and difficult hills of my country -Colombia- in that little thing. Of course, at that time I was settling for my first level entry car and desiring I could have the money to buy the R-18. But today I feel nostalgic of the convenience, friendliness and practicality of that little wonder.

  3. excellent eye, Vince. Amazing what turns up in LA. one of my favorite sightings was a yellow Honda Beat scooting around Torrance a few years back. keep up the good work.

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