Only 1000 Genesis Coupes for Europe

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Hyundai is planing to sell only 1000 Genesis coupes per year in Europe.
I hear it is so they can bypass some expensive regulations.

They will just use it as a “boutique” car to build up their image. The only model offered will be the 2.0 Turbo (because, you know, gas is crazy expensive over there…)

They are also talking about a 25 000 Euros price. (That would be over $ 35 0000. Compare that to our $22 000 base price over here).
Still a lot cheaper than the 38 000 Euros Nissan is charging for the 350Z…

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  1. Finally, they can be jealous of US for once. I wonder what these “regulations” are though. I never thought there would ever be a “Limited Production” model from Hyundai….Kudos to them!

  2. I’m lukewarm about this car. Overall, it’s proportioned perfectly and looks solid. The wheels are Audi perfect. But the drooping front-end grille and headlamp area looks wimpy and generic like a cheap economy car. The odd rear window simply doesn’t work. Honestly though, nitpicking aside, I think it’ll sell well on any continent.

  3. You may complain about all these “new and original” design cues, but mark my words, Hyundai won’t be the last brand to use them.

    It’s funny though…they create something original, people complain, they copy something, people complain, so many people are automatically against Hyundai. At least db jones hates all foreign cars equally!

  4. no market for coupes anymore, rear quarter glass is different just for the sake of being different ( ugly/wierd) and Hyundai/Kia corp. wasting tons of time and money in a crappy economy bringing out a shitload of high end vehicles. WTF?????

  5. "so many people are automatically against Hyundai. "


    I know! It's a shame for Hyundai. Because they've always built great cars, had great style and proven to be safe vehicles.

    Wait, no they haven't

    Because everyone all other brands generally garner universal praise!

    Wait, not they most certainly do not

    Poor precious Hyundai is just the punching bag of automotive enthusiasts for no good reason.


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