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This is the Korean version of the Renault Megane sedan. Looks like its own design too.

And it also looks like it would make a decent small Nissan. Like a Sentra?

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  1. Vince, I guess getting a Sentra that doesn’t look like a mini Altima (Audi, BMW, Mercedes Syndome) is a big dream of yours?

    This does look nice though.

  2. I think it would be great as a Nissan. The current Sentra is ugly in so many ways, it looks all squished up, whereas the SM3 looks more normal.

  3. Finally they are willing to replace the outdated SM3, which start it life as a Korean Sentra. back to this one, corolla front and Mondeo back?

  4. the french are helping these guys or owning them whaever these people should feed their own before making cas

  5. The new Megane Sedan hasn’t even been shown in Europe yet! As happened with the QM5/Koleos, Korea is getting the latest Renault designs way before us Europeans. Looking at this closely, I don’t think it has its own bodywork, just its own front end, like the QM5.

  6. The Megane hatchbacks are nice looking, but their sedan counterpart has never been a looker. If this car is a rebadged next gen Megane sedan, then I would say that that trend continues.

    As for the Sentra, I don’t want to see it become a rebadged Megane sedan. I want Nissan to design an attractive compact sedan featuring their own sporty looking design language. If Nissan would actually invest some effort into designing an attractive Sentra (or at least as much effort as they invest in the Altima and Maxima), then it would be much better looking than the sedan in the picture.

  7. Samsung produces vehicles under liscence agreements with renault-nissan (specifically, nissan; renault owns majority share of nissan).

  8. Not exactly. Renault owns 80% of Renault Samsung Motors. This car was designed in Korea with the cooperation of Renault’s design team.

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