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It was a weird idea when people first started talking about it, and it’s still strange now.
It seems that the 2 door convertible version of the Murano is on track.
Why did they choose to make a convertible out of the Murano is beyond comprehension. When they could have an Altima Coupe convertible.

I was told these were real, but I’m not too sure.

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  1. Dont even bother. Absolute waste of time and money.
    It would look like an oversized bloated whale.

  2. They spent money on developing this and canceled the 240 sx rear drive coupe replacement that was a no brainer hot seller and this thing may or may not sell !!!

  3. Well the Altima coupe is being marketed like a budget Z, the Maxima is case as a 4 door Z, and now we have the Murano convertible being the Fat Z.

  4. I actually think this might sell. As stupid as it is, even if they gave it a ridiculous trunk. Who wouldn’t want a bigger convertible.

    Wow cant even believe I just said that.

  5. This can’t be real. No one would be dumb enough to manufacture this, especially in this economy. What would they be going for? The PT cruiser market?

  6. a convertible SUV isnt a bad idea at all. look at the jeep wrangler or the old suzuki vitara.

    those looked great. but the murano has wrong proportions… this wont work… but its too early to say.

  7. Apparently Nissan is trying to pick up where Chrysler left off…I mean, somebody’s gotta create hideous unstylish cars. Too bad they didn’t spend money developing a 3rd row CUV…but that would be too rational.

  8. I'm starting to think these are fake.

    First, every pic has looked road-ready already … not like a car that is being developed.

    Second, all the pics I've seen for months look like studio shots. There are not usually studio shots floating around of vehicles not completed.

    Third, two different colors now (gold & silver) with two differenf rims.

    If these are real, they maybe just sent a couple Muranos to a custom-convertible shop along with $100k to see what they can come up with. It's probably not in-house at Nissan.

  9. This is awesome. I can put the top down in 10 degree weather on the way up the mountain to go snowboarding.

  10. I hope the 240 car hasn’t been cancelled…but this is the Nissan PT cruiser what a bad joke. Talk about answering a question nobody asked…

  11. All I know is that these pics aren’t in house Nissan designs, as we’d have already seen some development vehicles – pre production prototypes with the black tape camouflage stuff all over them.

    They aren’t concept cars either, these studio shots would not have been leaked. For some reason sneak peeks at concepts just don’t happen.

    If these are real pics they would be expensive custom convertible conversions, just as Smegley suspected.

  12. No! Just no. This is a complete waste of resources at a time when car companies need to get back to basics, and economies of scale. This would be a fringe model at the very best of times.

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  14. “Anonymous said…
    Nissan has never been a major player. Here’s further evidence why.”

    I completely agree.

    What a ridiculous concept.

    “Anonymous said…
    The PT Cruiser convertible rides again.”

    I thought the EXACT same thing when I saw this.

    They are picking up where Chrysler left off, not too suprising considering Nissan’s history. Nissan, too, almost filed for bankruptcy in the 90’s.

    I honestly think all Nissan models aside from the GTR and 370Z are lackluster. I recently rented an Altima 2.5SL and it was the most disappointing vehicle I have driven in quite some time.

  15. This idea isn’t strange at all. The boom of SUV’s at least in Europe actually began with SUV convertibles. You almost never saw hardtop versions of the Suzuki Vitara and Samurai, but tons of convertibles. Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero) and Nissan Patrol were also available as convertibles. Even the Mercedes G-Class was and still is sold as convertible. The only difference is, that the is the first SUV convertible, that has the styling and lines normal convertible besides its height. However, beauty is something else. But it’s not less attractive than a BMW X6 or BMW 5-series GT.

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