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The president’s car has some amazing safety features.
Like 5 thick thick windows, dual fuel tanks etc…

Click on the title for the whole thing.

Pretty amazing…

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  1. Yes, but how many miles does it get per gallon, and does it take hydrogen? =)

    You’ll need massively huge biceps to be the Secret Service agent opening those doors everyday I bet.

  2. Man, if the president needs THAT much protection, I’d rather he just stay home!

    Great article, Vince. Thanks for passing it along…

  3. It says in the article it uses 8 gallons in 62 miles, so just under 8 miles a gallon.

    This vehicle and all recent presidential limos are symbols to me. 5 inch thick windows, totally isolated from any contact with normal people – it’s no wonder politicians are all so full of themselves and detached from reality.

  4. In Baden-Baden at the NATO-Party Mr. Obama was in his Subarban and the Cadillac drove in the convoy. BTW: Both cars got the same code on license plate: 800-002

  5. Your Ruler rides in style whilst the “little people” are going to be stuck in Fiat tin cans…You Americans are just stupid peasants now.

  6. Who is going to fix this thing when GM goes away? Is it part of the taxpayer funded warranty program?
    Perhaps Fiat will fix it. They got lots of repair experience.

  7. Cars like these wouldn’t be necessary if only people didn’t try to kill presidents! How clueless can some of you commentators get?

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