Who will own Opel?

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According to the latest rumors, Magna could have a much better chance than Fiat to end up with Opel.

Fiat would cut 10 000 jobs. Magna, just ” a few thousands”.
Magna is also asking for less loan money.
Under Magna, GM would keep 35% of Opel. Another 35% would be own bythe Sberbank Bank, and 10% to the dealers.
Magna would actually only own 20% of the brand.

They is also interested in Saturn. Which would mean we could still get Opels in the US.
That would be good news…

We’ll know more in the next few days…

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  1. I say go Magna…the Fiat Group (do they still call it that) is bloated with brands as it is…like an Italian GM.

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