2010 BMW X1

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This is supposedly the production model. (Although it doesn’t match 100% the official teaser)
And just like the rather horrific X3, it looks pretty cheap. With all that black plastic trim.
And, just like the X3, it won’t actually BE cheap.

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  1. I'm very disapointed. Does'nt look at all like a refined vehicule. The next Tuscon will be a lot interresting (for the look obviously)

  2. A badly photoshopped photo of the concept. I'm not saying the real one will be a beauty, but this is clearly fake.

  3. Looks like an oddly proportioned wagon. BMWs have just become gawky crude looking machines catering to the Chinese audience. This is another fail for BMW.

  4. It looks terrible. Compare this to the Volvo XC60. In a just world, it would blow this thing out of the water.

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