Kia Forte Hybrid

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The all new Forte is just coming out in the States and already the Hybrid version was caught in the streets in Korea.
It has a smaller 1.6 Liter engine paired with an electric motor. For a total of 134hp.
Gas mileage is said to be about 41MPG. Not that amazing. That’s what the larger, roomier and more powerful Fusion is getting.

It goes on sale in Korea in a couple of months.

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  1. Not amazing MPG like you say, but it is very comparable with the Insight, and this may come in a lot cheaper than the Insight (and thus the Prius).

    Still, if I wanted a hybrid I'd get the Fusion.

  2. Vince, you are once again forgetting that the Forte Hybrid runs on LPG fuel – it needs more to produce the same as petrol, yet LPG is MUCH cheaper (less than half the price of petrol) and much more is in the earth.

    Great car, and great effort by Kia!

  3. It isn't amazing, but it sure will be a hell of a lot cheaper and have a better warranty than the competition.

    How do you miss stuff like this, Vince??????????

  4. The Kia might not be as large as the Fusion, but it is cheaper and it won't be Found On Road Dead.

  5. Fusion fan here, too. However, is that 41 for the Forte city, hwy, or combined? Combined, the Fusion is 38.5. It'll be interesting to see where they price it. It's a pretty good looking little car, at least on screen.

  6. Vince: sometimes, you say some silly things (as other commenters have pointed out).

    That said, at the right price, this might be a great (and affordable) alternative to Insight and Prius. Especially if you don't want to look like a douche.

  7. Not only is the Kia Tree-hugging LPG, but is only ~3 cubic ft. shy of the Ford's interior volume and several more inches of headroom!

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