More real life pictures of the 2010 Taurus

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  1. Gorgeous, these new colors are much better than the gold one below.

    Vince, are you going to post a Taurus review soon?

  2. Looks like ts a bit over sprung in the rear.
    Otherwise it looks quite good for Ford.
    Good Luck j Ford

  3. I think I figured it out. The rear doors are too long. If they made them a bit shorter and then fattened up the c pillar, then I think it might have better proportions. The front looks great in that blue color.

  4. I love new Taurus, it look unique than GM or Chrysler. I am proud owner of lame 2008 Taurus, I cant wait to trade for new one.

  5. I have to admit, when I saw 3 of these bad boys rolling down the street, I was really impressed by how much better they looked in real life. Good Job Ford!! The last great non-government run car company in the USA!!

  6. Rick,

    The closest thing to a Taurus SHO Wagon we'll get is the Flex with the EcoBoost engine. How unfortunate.

  7. "Anonymous said…
    I prefer the Nissan Maxima…"

    You serious??? The new Maxima looks like shit. I haven't seen more than 5 since it was released in the Northern VA area.

    "Anonymous said…
    Strange proportion. And the tail light does'nt fit.

    The passat CC over this one…"

    Please read some of the comments about VW reliability in the Beetle comments section. Then please read CR.

  8. Anonymous June 17 11:53AM said…
    Nice job. Looks great. Is there a Merc version or is Merc dead?

    Merc is temporarily going to specialize in smaller (than Taurus) vehicles

    re: the Taurus pix
    Vince, did you take them?
    NO PIX do this car justice…
    …in person, it's PERFECT!

  9. Since the Crown Vic is dead and done this is the perfect blend of the Tauri of the past and the Vic. Styling is superb and pure "Ford"! Just wait until one with the SHO Police Interceptor Package shows up in your rearview mirror!

  10. This car looks good in these pics, but it looks absolutely stunning in the flesh. Looking at it here, I think, "not bad", but I saw three of them traveling together on the highway last week, and thought, "wow!" They're everything that the last Taurus should have been, and proof positive that the Taurus name wasn't so marred that it couldn't succeed on a great car like this one.

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