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Coming over here soon.

I think this will be a good move for Buick. A smaller car than the new Lacrosse.
But this is technically supposed to attract a younger audience.
Basically, people who would never be caught dead in a Buick showroom.

I wish them luck…

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  1. Wow! That looks really nice in black. I still hate the Buick grill but this car looks better than an A6.

  2. Just like an Acura or IS except that the $4000 profit and $2000 corporate income tax stay in the US instead of disappearing into Asia.

  3. If u think this car looks better than A6, speechless and tasteless. No way the interior looks better than A6.

  4. coming over here! isn't GM already here? I don't get it, you better not be saying we finally have to admit, our cars are crap and we need to build them elsewhere to compete with quality.

  5. Regal GNX/Super = Insignia OPC

    I'd take one of those, but if I doesn't make it my money would go to a Genesis sedan…

  6. I'm glad to we are receiving Opel models here, but in a round about way, sure whatever it takes. The OPC could be the next GNX. It's all good.

  7. Its a gorgeous car, granted, but the first thing I'd do is rip that hideous Buick grill off and slap the Opel Grill on.. Or maybe have a Saturn grill made for it since that was the car it was supposed to be before GM became ghetto.

  8. This car will sell great if priced right, especially if they want a younger market, but knowing GM they will be very greedy and price it at lucerne and lacrosse levels.
    Also Buick needs this car today not 1 or 2 years from now !!
    and this car is alot sexier than mkz,accord,malibu,camry,fusion, so lets hope they price it comparatively…

  9. I don't understand why our car designs are behind than European and Asian. Just like mobile phone technologies and etc. Like the other poster said, we need this car today and not in 1-2 years since it will be outdated by the time.

  10. I like this a lot. LOVE the wheels in the the middle shot. Thank god they resisted putting fake woodgrain all over the interior. I think that if Buick keeps up this momentum, then the Buick brand might actually turn itself around.

  11. Vince, what do you think of the character line that runs down the lower side of the car? I'm not in favor of it.

    Do you think you could post a chop of the same car in profile, but without the character line?

    Gracias amigo!

  12. I'm not digging this one, although it does look better in black. It's barely smaller than the Lacrosse, uses the same platform and engines, and will likely compete for the same buyer. Sounds like the old GM to me where the Regal and Celebrity were essentially the same car and competed for the same buyers.

    Hey Fritz, if you're not a fan of rebadging, then why are you rebadging an Opel as a Buick but not the G8 as a Chevy? Hypocrite.

  13. Weird how people still think the Insignia/Regal is the same size as the Lacrosse.
    The Lacrosse is over 7 inches longer.
    Same thing with the Camry and the Avalon.

    So I think there is room for both.

  14. Why are some people so hung up on this car as an Opel in Europe and as a Buick in the U.S.? Opel is a failed brand in this country and has negative brand equity. It will never be offered as an Opel in the states. This is a car that GM has invested in developing and was always intended for the U.S. market… albeit as a Saturn. This car looks amazing and will be good for Buick and for GM.

  15. Vince, half of that 7 inches is coming from the front and rear overhangs, so that is a pretty weak argument. And just like the Avalon and Camry, the Regal and Lacrosse WILL compete for the same buyers. Heck, even Toyota realizes this which is why the Avalon is disappearing after the current model. There may be room for both, but it may end up hurting the brand overall.

    Of course, I don't really understand why they kept Buick in the first place when the Chevy and Cadillac price ranges overlap.

  16. Buick is pointless…Except in China. GM got rid of Pontiac and kept Buick…Just a bunch of political Boneheads.

  17. Car is nice looking. But,why does GM continue to use such cheap looking steering wheel designs.
    Repeat after me. THREE spokes. I couldn't sit behind that ugly thing all day.

  18. Damn fine looking automobile. I wish GM would quit dragging its feet before this thing becomes stale.

  19. Back in the 1950s (I remember that era clearly), Buick was like Acura, ES Lexus, and M Infiniti are today.

    Buick styling was innovative and Buicks were mechanically superior to most others, too. Buick had very high owner loyalty–most Buick owners bought Buicks again.

    If Buick builds exciting and competitive cars, people will buy them……….if they can find a dealer these days!

    Buick can recover if it has products buyers want. The Chinese certainly like Buicks–there were Buicks everywhere I visited in China 5 years ago. Buick is a prestige brand there.

  20. "Car is nice looking. But,why does GM continue to use such cheap looking steering wheel designs."

    I've never liked GM's steering wheels. In particular, the Corvette, Solstice, G6 wheels looked good in pictures but just don't feel good or look good up close. Conversely, I really like the new GM wheels and the switchgear is very Audi-like. I think the new designs look really good.

  21. Lee Iacocca said years ago that "you can sell young cars to old people but you can't sell old cars to young people"–or something to that effect.

    I had a '72 Buick Skylark when Buick was a strong brand and not considered an old geezer's car.

    I AM an old geezer and would consider a Buick if it were as good as a Honda or Toyota which it is likely not. In any case, Buick's lower resale value would be a deterrent all else equal.

    If Buick is to return to its former glory, it'll take several years of superior cars to do it……not cars that are as good as competitors' cars, but BETTER cars.

  22. If you're caught dead, somebody had to catch you and dispose of your body. The Buick's trunk can surely accommodate you.

  23. "I am 31 years old and I wouldn't be caught dead in a Buick."

    I'm in my 30s and wouldn't touch a Lexus or a Buick. Five years ago I wouldn't have considered a Cadillac. But today, I get wood over the CTS-V. It's all about the cars, and the perception people have of the logo with follow. This is a good start for Buick.

  24. I would never "touch base" with Buick (My MBA cliche).

    This would make a good entry Buick but I think Buick will go the way of Oldsmobile.

  25. "Anonymous said…
    "I am 31 years old and I wouldn't be caught dead in a Buick."

    I'm in my 30s and wouldn't touch a Lexus or a Buick. Five years ago I wouldn't have considered a Cadillac. But today, I get wood over the CTS-V. It's all about the cars, and the perception people have of the logo with follow. This is a good start for Buick.

    July 28, 2009 11:01 PM"

    The CTS-V is one model, my friend. Once they have an entire lineup I would consider, it is still an old man's brand.

  26. I just read a review in Car and Driver last night with a new Buick. The as tested price was 36K and it was LIGHTLY OPTIONED.

    Sorry, you would have to be an idiot to spend 36K+ on a FWD Buick when Hyundai has the RWD Genesis and an available V8. Let's not forget the Lexicon stereo in it as well as the other features that the Buick doesn't have.

    I'll take a Genesis 3.8 please.

  27. The car actually looks quite nice. However if Buick wants (and it needs) to re-invent itself it's going to have to pull a page out of the Cadillac handbook. The Escalade ignited pop culture and broke Cadillac out of that "too old" cliche.
    iQuack is dead on. In the 50's Buicks were king of the hill and had a loyal fan base. Problem is there fan base hasn't changed and is continually getting older. The median age for a Buick owner is 75. Young people see the Buick as a rolling tomb. If you drive one, you probably shouldn't be driving but rather 6 feet underground and the grandkids you left that car to turned that coffin in on a cash for clunkers deal for a new camry.

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