Mazda MX2 coming up???

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Auto Express seems to think a “smaller than Miata” convertible is coming from Mazda within a couple of years.
I find it hard to believe.

After test driving the MX5 a few times, I really cannot imagine anything smaller. Especially inside.

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  1. This car doesn't look that much smaller than a Miata, but it certainly looks great for a replacement. I'm not a fan a of the current Miata shape, which takes cues from various places without arriving to a cohesive whole, so I would see this as a vast improvement. Bring it on

  2. Nice front but the rear is hideous and I agree with Vince, can't imagine this car getting any smaller than MX-5.

  3. it looks dayum nice!

    but i wonder if it's gonna be "smaller than Miata" than how much is the usable luggage department is gonna be usable–seeing how the current papi Miata luggage is???!!

  4. If you need more storage than an overnight trip, stick a good old-fashioned luggage rack on the deck lid like we used to back in the day.

    I really like the simplicity of design. Give it manual top, door locks, windows and transmission for lighter weight. No navigation crap, either.

    Pure car. Much like the original Miata.

  5. The MX-2 looks great. Oh, if you cannot imagine something smaller than an MX-5 you should take place in the Daihatsu Copen, I guess the Copen is still much smaller outside and inside than an MX-2 could be. I still don't get why you don't like the MX-5. It has enought space. If you buy such a car you want to be closely surrounded, perfect fitted in the car. You wanna feel it. Need more space? Buy a minivan!

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