More pictures of the new 2010 Jaguar XJ rear end

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  1. They really couldn't have f*cked up the back of this car any more than this cross-eyed mess. Oh, wait…they blackened the rear pillars just to add insult to injury.

    What a shame for a once prestigious mark.

  2. Jeez, the rear end really doesn't have any good angles. The front is so good but the rear is so nasty.

  3. Glare. You can see the line.

    It reminds me of the rear ends of the very last Rovers, when the ailing company was constantly tinkering and restyling their cars again and again in a desperate effort to conceal the fact that they didn't have any new models.

  4. This is one of the ugliest cars on the road now. Even the Chinese couldn't have made it any uglier. It looks like Tata will destroy this legendary brand.

  5. Its the glare, and it looks so much better with them not visible. Still think it looks like something that Geely, or Ssangyong, or Proton would do to go upmarket in their home markets.

  6. In the earlier studio pics, I thought the rear looked elegant (not including the D pillar, which deserves to be insulted a million times). Now in natural light, the back just feels utilitarian and cheap and bare.

    But yanno, I'm sure I'll have to see it in person to come to a conclusion.

  7. It looks like a Buick Lucerne ate a Lexus SC430. "Super Size Me".

    What's with the black C (well, D) pillar? I liked the old one better!!

    The only problem is the headlights belong on the fabulous XF.

    WHY did thirty-five people work on this car who didn't like each other?

  8. I think the back-end is perfect. Horizontal lamps would have been the predictable and too similar to the XF. These vertical units follow suit from the big Jag sedans of the past as well as keep the trunk and rear fender panels clean, sleek and smooth. This is understated elegance, perhaps a quality we've overlooked in this era of bling.

  9. i can't find a way to look at this rear-end and like it. i gave it a chance i sware. the only thing i think can save it is to get an all black one. that would solve the pillar problem.

  10. The trunk lid is starting to remind me of my 01 Kia Spectra's trunk lid. I think if they made the rear light a little wider, it would help. They were probably trying for something different though.

  11. Almost looked like he wanted to put a Bangle butt on it, then changed his mind. This and the circular air vents are the biggest problems with an otherwise nice looking vehicle.

  12. This is understated elegance, perhaps a quality we've overlooked in this era of bling.

    I see exactly the opposite. The angled (not vertical) tail lamps and the blackened back pillars are not understated at all. Neither are over-sized wheels, useless fake fender vents and the in-your-face grill which all look better suited to a Lincoln Navigator, Cadillac Escalade, or some other ghetto buggy driven by a professional athlete or drug dealer.

  13. This Jag has an ugly monkeyass. The trunklid looks like it came off of an economy car, the lights look like something Korean. The back of the greenhouse looks like it's covered in prototype camouflage. This is not a good combination. Everything else is sexy as hell.

  14. This is, quite simply, obnoxious, vulgar and disgusting.

    One can clearly see that classic British automotive styling has had little to do with this new Jaguar's design.

    R.I.P. Jaguar.

  15. Well, it won't get mistaken for anything else, even if it is a bit ugly. If they handled the trunk seams better, this wouldn't look half bad.

  16. People,

    wait until they offer the car in black – and watch that rear pillar issue DISAPPEAR!

    I think it looks fine just the way it is…

  17. It looks better in the first pic than the second – it´s the darker colour.

    I´ll wait until I see the car in the metal before judging it properly, but I like what I see in the pics.

    This car´s styling isn´t hackneyed or cliched. It´s not like every other luxo-barge out there.

    People have compared aspects of its styling to the Citroen C6. I really diskliked the C6 when pics of it first came out. A few years later, I love the look of the C6. See it on the road and it looks much better than in photos.

    I wouldn´t be surprised if the same thing happens with the XJ. What first sees outlandish and unattractive may well prove to be classic design when people get used to it.

  18. Gorgeous up to the blackened D pillar. Tail lamps look like Lincoln MKS (not a complement!). Trunklid is crying out for an elegant strip of chrome between the lamps to break up that big fat expanse of nondescript metal. Perhaps it looks better in person. Hope so.

  19. This is what you get when a prestigious British marque ends up in the hands of the folks who gave us the ridiculous little Nano. They should have just shut Jaguar down and saved its dignity. These people clearly have no sense of this brand's heritage or position in the market. It looks like someone took a '73 Datsun hatchback and stretched it into a limo. Absolutely, utterly hiddeous.

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