2010 BMW 3 series Coupe

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Another useless “facelift” from BMW coming up….

The current 3 series coupe is a great design. There is really nothing they can do to it that would make it much better (Other than a full redesign).
This will be just so slightly different, and will improve nothing.
I just don’t know why they, as well as Mercedes, keep doing this…

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  1. I think the current 3 series (coupe or sedan) sucks. This facelift makes it suck more, however.

    BMW & Benz do this for one reason only: the people that spring good money for their ugly, boring, conservative designs will do so no matter what, so they may as well take the easy cheap route and slap their badge on a mild improvement to please the snobs and take their cash.

  2. hahaha.. THAT FRONT END LOOKS LIKE A PONTIAC! too funny.. and yet people bash Pontiac yet probably praise BMW. too funny, the IRONY!

  3. I doubt this is an accurate representation of the updated 3 series. It looks like a terrible looking Pontiac.s

  4. Well, the black tape won't make it to the final cut. But its obvious that within BMW design, there is a conscious move to remove the look that Bangle introduced. It's gradual, but they're doing it. I had no doubt they would keep the lighted headlight rings though.

  5. It's all about pedestrian safety in crash when they get hit. Higher hood improves injury rate to pedestrians. New rules for this in EU and here shortly. Think they should teach them to look both ways if you notice how people cross roads today. I live in a university town and they expect all cars to stop whether we can see them or not. I am also amazed at the inattentive way they cross roads in NYC of all places.
    BTW did you hear California is banning wheel weights used to balance tires by 2010. What will they think of next??

  6. Facelifts are a necessity for automakers to keep the product fresh. The current model has been around since 2005 and it won't get replaced until 2012/2013. There is a small number of buyers that will always buy the BMW 3-series because it is the BMW 3-series. However, the larger part of the market wants fresh product. After 5 years, it is due for at least a minor update.

  7. The need to keep costs down prevent a major facelift.
    All car manufacturers are affected in this way at the moment.

  8. Quality quality quality!
    German cars are always improving theyr quality in little details that are not easily noticed, thats what make them so good 😉

  9. Because the current 3 is three years old and it's time for a mild tweak. And I don't really think the sedan is a very good design, pretty Chinese looking if you ask me. The coupe is okay looking, but fixing the horse snout grille is always a welcome change.

  10. One of the big things they can do is an interior change. I looked at BMW when I bought my last car and rejected the 3 Series because…wait for it…it doesn't have good cupholders.

    Yes, my decision to not get the 335i came down to the only front cupholder coming out of the dash! WTF were they thinking? I drive, a lot, and need comfort. If I'm buying a luxury car, I expect comfort and convenience to come first and second. Great car, awesome handling, even better engine but I just couldn't put myself behind the wheel of this car for 30K miles a year. Just can't do it.

  11. Well I guess we know who GM sold the old Pontiac Division to: BMW. This looks like the cheap Grand Am — sans ground effects.

  12. They call it an LCI (lifecycle impulse) and is meant to keep the product fresh on the market. When you compare the 2009 and 2005 3-series sedans you will see how much hotter the "new" model looks although the only visible changes are a few lines here and there.
    It does work and it's perfectly acceptable.

    Think of it as Service Pack for a computer.

    To all the Pontiac commenters: in case you failed to notice there is black tape around the front edges….

  13. That is funny because I thought it looks like a Pontiac too. It must be the stupid looking headlight housing plus the 'unfinished' kidney grille.

  14. BMW's customer base must be aging. The elderly don't like radical improvements. Just a "freshening"(code for same-old-thing-we've-seen-for-the-last-10-years). Like an old Pontiac–but without the excitement.

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