2010 VW Golf

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The Rabbit is now the Golf in the US, again…

The new one starts at $17 500. With the standard 2.5 Liter engine.
For $22 000 you can get the TDI Diesel model that comes standard with a touch screen audio system and sport suspension.
But especially, it comes with a 31/42 MPG rating. Which is pretty amazing.

Both engines are available with a choice of manual or automatic.

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  1. Drive an oil burner for the same price of a golf with a few options, id take the oil burner and know that i can rack up some serious miles on it and not have to worry about reliability of the engine is what i prefer ! also the only way id buy current vw is knowing it was made in germany and not mexico !! kinda seems lately that cars outta germany are bulletproof and the cars outta mexico are just pathetic !! Friends dont let friends but a Beetle !!

  2. Who cares, really?

    It will still be unreliable and because of that you will have to deal with VWs notoriously poor dealer service.

    There is a very good reason why JD Power and Consumer Reports rates VW so poorly in their reliability studies.

  3. The main problem with VW is that the golf is soooooooooo boring looking. I cannot believe that is is the best selling car in europe.

  4. Anonymous wrote:
    "$4K premium for diesel to save a couple MPG…yeah…OK."

    Go compare the options list on the TDI vs the non-TDI and then repeat that comment. Normally I would expect people to know what they're talking about BEFORE making stupid statements.

  5. Even the German-made Golfs suck. I made a point to purchase a German-made VW when I got a 2001 Golf a few years back. NEVER AGAIN! The air bag electronics went out 5 times! 5 times!

  6. "Anonymous said…
    Who would want to pump stinky diesel oil?

    European cities are black with diesel soot as well.

    October 6, 2009 11:18 AM"

    Moronic comment.

    Have you ever even been outside of the state you live in????

    Vince, you gotta filter stupid stuff like this!

  7. Diesel smells wonderful! My wife hates the smell though. I don't understand the comment above. Do you think diesel doesn't stink or do you just like calling others a moron? Does it make you feel better?

  8. "Anonymous said…
    Go to any city outside the USA and it reeks of diesel. It's not just Europe.

    October 6, 2009 2:54 PM"

    Ummmm USA reeks of diesel because of our giant tractor trailers which don't have a standard, unlike Europe.

  9. Europe has standards better than USA? There is NO place on earth with higher diesel emission standards than the USA.

    Do you just make crap up as you go along?

  10. You are better off with the Prius. Because diesel will only cost you an extra 4k and a Prius is like 10k more. Plus you get to pay big bucks to the landfill someday to accept those lethal lithium batteries! Buy it on credit and add interest to the deal and most folks won't live long enough to break even ( assuming gas stays under $5/gal). god forbid you should ever have to come up with some cash to service that expensive hybrid!

  11. A Prius is $22K…About a $4K premium. Just throw the battery on the side of the road and let other people pay for landfill.

    Diesel is rare at gas stations so good luck to you.

  12. "god forbid you should ever have to come up with some cash to service that expensive hybrid!"

    The Prius doesnt cost anymore to service than any other car.

  13. The Hybrids do much better in city than diesel and maybe a bit better in highway…so what is the point of friggin diesel unless you get frying oil for free from McDonalds to put in it.

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