2010 Hyundai Azera

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I guess they felt they had to do something. With an all new Sonata coming out, they didn’t want to leave the larger and more expensive Azera behind.
They should have…

I do like the Azera, for what it is. A sort of Korean Avalon. But that new melted front end is pretty horrendous.
I guess the big Hyundai will become even more invisible than ever after the new Sonata comes out and gets all the attention…

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  1. That is a weird looking front, but I've seen worse. It'll be interesting to see what happens to this car as it lies between the hot new Sonata and the Genesis.

  2. I've been waiting to hear about this for a LONG time but…..

    I'm sorry, but this front end looks like a Chinese company trying to copy the Genesis. Now it looks like a hot mess mixture of current gen Sonata with the Genesis sedan. I see the family resemblence…of Incest. They put so much effort in the air dam area, but had the nerve to KEEP the current grill. At least the headlights are a LITTLE sharper. My guess is that the rear end didn't change.

  3. with the state of press photos lately, ie Honda Crosstour, i'll wait until i see one an Azera in person, but i won't hold my breath. i've only seen ONE in the entire time the've been out. not really sure where it fits in the lineup with the spectacular new Sonata and the equally spectacular Genesis.

  4. Why they still spending money on this obselete car ? There is no place for the Azera between the Genesis and the Sonata.

  5. Different, but not better — and it REALLY needed to be better. The current one has a hideous interior; wonder what this will look like. They did such an excellent job on the Sonota and Genesis (4dr). This doesn't look any better than the Tiberon/Genesis 2-door mess!

  6. You forget with the new Sonata there will be a place for the Azera in the line up… it will be the only V6 FWD sedan for Hyundai. Like it or not there are people who won't buy a 4cyl.

  7. This is a 2010 F/L model. In a year we will be seeing a new model, sharing platform with Kia's Cadenza.

  8. I don't mind it, Vince.

    I really hope they update the interior like they did with the MMC for the MY2009 Sonata. That was a great refresh.

    If Hyundai offered performance version of the Azera with a much firmer suspension, I'd probably own one.

  9. these large frugal cars actually have an interesting little niche – if your on a budget and need room for 3 child seats, the choices are rather slim (taurus, impala or azera)

  10. I think this car will be unnecessary and redundant once the new Sonata AND Kia's Cadenza hit the market. I would simply delete the Azera from Hyundai's lineup and let Kia cover the fullsize FWD sedan segment with the Cadenza. Hyundai's RWD sedans (Genesis and Equus) can cover the larger sedan segments above the Sonata in Hyundai's lineup.

    Instead of replacing the Azera, I would develop an MPV type product for Hyundai off the Cadenza platform as the next gen Entourage. Kia can continue to cover the mainstream minivan segment with the Sedona while Hyundai covers a niche segment with a more stylish MPV product with conventionally hinged rear passenger doors. It would sort of serve as a Venza/Accord Crosstour competitor. Basically, I see Hyundai getting a toned down production version of the Portico Concept on this platform. I really don't see a need to create 2 fullsize FWD sedans off this platform. I would give Hyundai a niche product (like the MPV Entourage that I suggested) off this platform.

  11. Hyundai needs to admit failure and just kill this thing. Kill it, and stop polluting the roadways with this visual trash.

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