2011 Mitsubishi RVR

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Just a couple of pictures of Mitsubishi’s all new small wagon/Crossover.

It just looks OK to me, nothing special really.
And the interior looks a lot like the Outlander.

We’ll see.

Thanks to a reader for the pics.

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  1. It looks like more Mitsubishi junk to me honestly.

    It is beyond them to build a quality vehicle, with quality interior materials and a engine free of NVH.

  2. This lacks style and looks cheap, even from a distance. Seems like the company is concentrating on the small-car market. The Lancer used to be the smallest car, Mitsubishi offered here in Germany. These days, it´s the largest (except for the SUVs). And the RVR seems to be Lancer-based.

  3. Wow, and this will better mitsubishi How? Oh gosh I think Mitsubishi is going to soon join Saturn, Olds and Saab in the big sky. So far it's still on life support. The doctor is thinking about pulling the plug. Will it make it? Or will it die like Saab did. I missed Saab's wake darn it.

  4. world leading design, not same old stuff. i can't believe the rediculous comments regarding this beauty being boring.

  5. Mitsubishi isn't going to end up like Saturn, Olds, and Saab. GM has nothing to do with their operations! 😉

    If Mitsubishi is making any mistakes with the RVR, it's that they're not bringing it stateside along with their real truck offerings like the Triton and Challenger. The RVR is probably based on the Lancer platform and they're probably already considering a hybrid version.

    Should sell decently, given the average American's penchant for truck-like vehicles based on car chassis and overly complex, over priced hybrids.

    Now, if Mr. Burlapp has some connections, shed a little light on the Colt? Please confirm a Ralliart model for North America. 'Twould be a shame to see such a great little car dumbed down (1.4L CVT) for lazy dullards around here.


    Proud Mitsubishi owner of 14 years.

  6. Why oh why can't it be Mitsubishi tanking instead of Saab? Mitsubishi has had such a miserable lineup for so many years. I don't know of any Mitsubishi dealership if even if I wanted to buy any their ugly crap.

  7. Chinese language sites are buzzing with this information, from Autonet

    type into google "rvr 4295mm" and you will see what I mean

    Length 4295mm
    Width 1770 mm
    Height 1615mm
    Wheelbase 2670mm
    Min. height from ground 195mm
    Interior Length 1865mm
    Interior Width 1480mm
    Interior Height (mm) 1260
    Cargo capacity (L) 419
    minimum turning radius (m) 5.3
    Body Weight (kg) 1360
    Engine Type Water-cooled inline four-cylinder DOHC MIVEC
    Displacement (cc) 1798
    Maximum horsepower (hp / rpm) 139 / 6000
    Maximum torque (kgm / rpm) 17.5/4200 10/15 MODE
    fuel consumption (km / L) 15.2 (2WD) / 15.0 (4WD)
    transmission system CVT
    Tire Size 215/65R16
    Autonet News (01/04/2010)

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