Compact Buick sedan

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Caught again testing.
And from these pictures, it does, again, look like the US version pictured in last week’s GM official sketch.
With a different front end than the recently introduced Chinese version.

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  1. The sedan has a different grille from the hatchback, which is just a rebadged Opel Astra. I think the sedan version will bo the same in China and the US.

  2. It looks like they are putting more effort into this rebadge than they did for the Regal. The front and rear look like a miniature La Crosse. Done right, this can work.

  3. How can anyone compare this new Buick to a 1980's Cimmaron? Have you driven seen the car up close? Sat in the interior? or even driven it? I doubt it. This will be a modern car on a 21st century chassis based on an Opel design. You people need to open your minds to what a Buick can be. They are in the process of reinventing the brand give them a chance and let the products speak for themselves when they reach the market place. If they are crap consumers won't buy them so until then give them the benefit of the doubt. We all may be surprised.

  4. This looks realy good. The only thing I don't like are those little triangle windows by the A pillar. Don't like 'em on the new Fiesta either.

  5. The Cimmaron comment was retarded. This car doesn't share exterior or interior surfaces with any other GM vehicle and isn't planned to be offered in the U.S. as anything other brand besides Buick.

    The spoiler is very Pontiac-ey, and this car is begging for some decent wheel options. Dual exhausts would also set it apart from the Lexus Camry. So hopefully Buick will address those things. I am really impressed with Buicks newest cars, so I have a feeling that this will be great.

  6. Vince, the is no Chinese version of this car yet. Chances are the Chinese & US versions will be exactly the same.

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