New Huatai sedan

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This is one Chinese brand I hadn’t heard of,yet.
I guess their way to be noticed is to squeeze a Bentley looking grille on an otherwise OK looking mid sized sedan.
From the back it could be the next Mitsubushi Galant. Or something.

But the real visual nightmare is up front. Where the Bentley grille meets .. I’m not sure what…

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  1. You never heard about Huatai (or Hawtai as it is also spelled) yet. It's possibly many of these new chinese brands will disappear in future as many european and american ones did one hundred years ago.
    About Huatai I saw some time ago another model which far more than this one was a rip off of a Bentley.

  2. I first heard of Huatai about a year ago. They make versions of discontinued Hyundai off-roaders (under license). It seems that now they want to introduce their own designs…

  3. Could you imagine there being this many American startups coming out of nowhere? It would be like the 20s all over again.

    This may be what's happening in the electric arena.

  4. It's like an Altima, Impala, and Pontiac G8 had a three-way and put on a Bentley mask to make things more "interesting."

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