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I heard last year that the next Beetle would be smaller but roomier.
They are now saying that it will actually be a bit larger than the current model. And let’s hope, roomier. Especially in the back.

VW also mentioned it will be based on the upcoming Jetta.
That it will look even more like the old one, and it is coming in 2011.

This is good news.
VW should never be without a Beetle. And it should always look like the old one.

Next year will be a busy one for VW. By that time they will have a new Jetta, US mid sized sedan, Touareg, and the new Beetle.
Plus a new sedan version of the Polo.

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  1. I thought VW would screw this up. To me, the Beetle is one of those cars that's hard to redesign. By that I mean, the original design was so good, I worried that anything they did afterwards, would just mess up the design. (I hope that makes sense.) But this actually looks better. I always had a ton of room in the front but that back seat was the equivilant to a mideval torture device ( I'm 6'4"). I just hope they got rid of that stupid "oh $h!t" bar on the front passenger side. That took front legroom from the front and was unnecessary.

    I gotta say, that girl in the blue convertable picture must be real tiny, because the car in that picture looks HUUUUGGGE!!!

  2. It looks awful now, and those chops look awful.

    I don't have high hopes for what has turned out to be one of the most unreliable vehicles VW has produced aside from the Toaureg.

  3. I don't know about these illustrations. The top one looks odd. Sorta almost PT Cruiser -ish in the back. I like the current Beetle but yeah a few nip and tucks would be nice. I think they should try to stay closer to the current design but do updates on interior and front and rear lights. Don't go overboard and mess it it!

  4. Wow! So they decided to keep it retro…and they made it MORE retro at that! I'm very impressed. Chrysler, GM, and Ford should get the hint…but the PT will be gone, the Orlando is ousting the HHR, and the next Mustang is getting off the retro train.

    Although this doesn't look like the more modern looking hatchback Motor Trend presented awhile back, I give VW a pat on the back for this….but I'm stll never buying a VW….or Toyota.

  5. Didn't think they could improve on it; but they did. I think VW could teach Honda a thing or two about design!!!

  6. I think it's pretty nice…and cute, the way it's supposed to look. A very nice update to the last one. I hope they keep the big wheels when it goes into production.

  7. like it. i miss my 1972 super beetle. i blew the engine out in 1996 out in death valley by Baker, CA. it is still there in the tow yard off the 15….

  8. i like the renderings. i think the part of the New Beetle i'm most tired of is the overly rounded roof. By squashing it down a bit, the car would look more modern and more retro at the same time, a cool design trick to pull off.

    not sure what 'anonymous (3rd from top) is talking about. i know several New Beetle owners that absolutely love their cars, and have had no problems with them whatsoever. i also know one Touareg owner that also loves her car. i'm always amused that the most 'hateful' comments are usually by Anonymous also. it's so easy to be an idiot when you don't have the guts to sign a name, isn't it?

  9. Looks like someone stepped on a New Beetle and unfortunately, it came back to life. Next time really stomp down hard a squish it.

  10. The woman obviously hails from Lilliput. This Beetle car rivals the Fit in dorkiness. I did spot a nice TDI Polo tucked well away in the clean car corner at the D.C. auto show yesterday. Simple lines. Well appointed interior. Sweet car, that. I wonder why it wasn't displayed with VW's regular exhibit. Considering the 1700 buck tax credit, it is high on my list when if gets here.

  11. In response to Casey, my name is Warren and I am always writing hateful things about Volkswagen because I owned one for 4 years and had nothing but trouble with it. I also had nothing but trouble with the two dealerships who were never able to duplicate my problems or found it normal to be going throught brakes every year or 7,000 miles. I had previously owned a Rabbit for 15 years and loved it, and thought I would be loyal to VW and get another one. Unfortunately I spent more money fixing my Passat in 4 years than I spent on the Rabbit in 15. I also found that there are websites devoted to people who share the miserable experience of owning a VW. Yes, there are some people who own them and never have problems, but there are also those of us who were not so lucky. If I am an idiot, it is because I bought a Volkswagen, not because I hate them. In fact, Casey, I recommend that you buy one if you like them so much. I will stick to the trouble free Ford that has replaced the VW.

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