BurlappCars on the phone?

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Just curious.
I was wondering if many people check this site on their phone?
Or their iPod touch?

Or anything else that isn’t a “proper computer”.
(we’ll include the “Apple tablet” next year…)

Are you reading this on your cell phone?

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  1. BLACKLASER…I am your fan number 1 by far, I check your website in my computer and my ipod touch no les than 5 times per day. every time I use my computer the first website to check is yours. because you are the best. I love every car of the planet, even the pathfinder in mars, car are like people different style and different personality.

  2. I've viewed this site on my ipod touch a number of times when my wife's already using the laptop…It works but it's not my first choice.

    Wow…look at that beast!

  3. I check this site from my cell phone. My one beaf is that it does take a long time for the main page to upload

  4. iPhone browsing is easy, if an app. I would browse BurlappCars, if a free ($0) app. Hope that answers it.

  5. On my iPhone all the time! This site and Autoblog.com… both very good sites to keep tabs on a regular basis.

  6. That was my very 1st cell phone the motorolla brick as we called it, i could just barely cram it in my back pocket in my baggie jeans and my cell phone bills were 150.00 and up every month at times up to 300 a month due to usage charges and it had no features at all like caller id, also i never surf the web on my phone cause i find it way to frustrating, and it gives me a reason to come home and check my email then go straight to burlapp cars then onto the other car blog sites i frequent….

  7. I read your website using Opera Mini on my Sony Ericsson W995. It's fine apart from I can't view the videos.

  8. I read your site a lot via the iPhone. Not so much on your site itsself, but via Google Reader. Love the full RSS-feed, keep up!

  9. When this site used to be The Hollywood Extra, I used to check it several times a day on my previous phones – various models of the T-Mobile Skidekick. Nowadays, I set up a RSS feed toward my desktop computer and iPhone. Works perfectly!

  10. Browse it plenty on my iphone. Would be good to see it have a basic index page linking to posts, with simple comment-adding functionality at the bottom of each post. Similar to Autoblog's iphone site.

  11. I guess I'm the only one smart enough to own a G1 android and yes I'm on it right now. Apple Sucks. Go Goolge and Android!!!!!!

  12. i subscribe to the rss feed and read that using my enV touch.

    the whole article doesn't load all the time and sometimes i just get blank images when i'm supposed to be viewing a video or high-res picture, which kinda sucks.

    but it's somewhat fast, and the best car news i can get on the go without having to wait for a long time.

  13. Thanks to all!
    For responding. As well as reading the site on your phone. (or anywhere…)

    As you might have noticed, I am now posting larger pictures so the whole think looks better on a phone.

    And don't forget to tell everyone you know about the best car site in the universe.

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