2011 Ford Edge

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That’s a pretty amazing change, without changing everything.

I think they did a much better job with this than with the Fusion last year.
Especially inside.

Although we’ll have to see and feel the real thing. I was quite disappointed with the interior feel of the plastics inside the 2010 Mustang.
But the new “revised” Edge does look great.
At it is the 1st model offered with the all new 2.0 Liter Ecoboost engine.
The 3.5 Liter V6 is still available, now with 285hp.

Some of the official words”

“In addition to delivering customer-focused technology, the new Edge also showcases Ford’s impressive drive to bring new powertrain options to the customer. Both the Edge 3.5-liter V-6 and Edge Sport 3.7-liter V-6 use advanced engine valvetrain technology (Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing, or Ti-VCT) and clever control strategies to increase horsepower and torque to best-in-class levels. This beats competitors such as the BMW X5, Lexus RX350 and Audi Q5, all while delivering unsurpassed fuel economy of 27 mpg (3.5-liter V-6 highway).

The 3.5-liter V-6 produces 285 horsepower and 253 ft.-lb. of torque while the 3.7-liter V-6 delivers 305 horsepower and 280 ft.-lb. of torque – all on regular fuel. Edge’s unsurpassed fuel economy is not at the expense of power and performance. For example, the 3.5-liter V-6 with Ti-VCT technology delivers highway fuel economy that is 15 percent better than the Nissan Murano but produces 20 horsepower more.

Both engines are mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. The SelectShift Automatic™ transmission is standard on the 2011 Edge SEL and Limited series, with class-exclusive paddle activation of the SelectShift standard on the 2011 Edge Sport.

In addition, the arrival of the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4 engine in the months ahead will give customers still more choice and will deliver class-leading fuel economy with impressive power and torque.

The new EcoBoost I-4 will be mated to a six-speed transmission that will help channel the impressive performance from the new EcoBoost engine. With the introduction of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4, fuel economy on the new Edge will be 30 percent better than it was in 2006. Plus, Ford’s newest EcoBoost engine will deliver on the promise of 15 percent fuel economy improvements versus the Edge’s current 3.5-liter V-6 engine while offering the performance feel of a six-cylinder.”

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  1. I test drove one, the driving dynamics were just ok, kinda floaty and the acceleration seemed weak. A much better drive was the mazda cuv .

  2. Nice. They should call it the "Optimus Prime Edition" with that signiture front styling.
    Acura just got schooled on how to do a proper "Shield" grill.

  3. Nice improvements…I'd buy one of these over a Murano any day (especially after owning a Murano…never again Nissan).

    Exterior is nothing earth shattering….I looks like it's still about 500lbs too heavy.

    The interior is sweet though..except for that terrible fake wood….

  4. This new Edge does look A LOT better. Especially the interior. I do think they need to put more buttons on the steering wheel though:) The powertrain options are very good….BUT, I wish Ford would get rid of either the 3.5 OR the 3.7l v6. If they used one or the other and then put direct injection on it, then I think you would have a better engine that's cheaper to produce and easier/cheaper to slap a couple of turbo's on it to do the ecoboost. I say cheaper because they could be building variants of ONE engine and not two, therefore reducing production costs. The Edge does look a lot better though.

    I too agree that they could have done a better job on the interior of the Fusion but I guess an ALL NEW version is coming out in a couple of years.

  5. Nice update. Don't like the Sport's blacked out grill or the fake wood dash, but otherwise, they have really done a nice job. Looks better than the Lincoln.

  6. Man what a huge improvement.

    The chrome grill looks good but it is a little busy when compared to the blacked out grill. This is especially true of the center bar of the grill.

    I think Ford should have chromed the leading edge of the grill but blacked out the sides. IMO, that would have made for a better look..

    All that said, I think Ford has a home run on its hands.

  7. i think the best looking cars being built now in many categories, are the domestics again. i think we could have a renaissance of american chic car styling like we haven't seen since 1965 when most domestic mfrs fielded brand new styling, in retrospect, tours de force all of them.

  8. I dont understand – were they JEALOUS of the GMC Terrain's drooping schnozz? (hideous)

    They should have simply replicated the exact grill treatment thats on the fucion. It would have worked very nicely on this – just as the MKZ's grill works perfectly as is on the new MKX.

    ALthough thumbs wayyyyy up on the interior.

  9. @Anonymous #1 – really, you've already driven the new Edge with two new power trains? Wow, you must really have some connections.

    @Anonymous #2 – I wouldn't call it a Shield grill for Acrua. More like a Buck Tooth..

    @Anonymous #3 – Agreed on the Murano. The transmission blew up on my 2003 model but Nissan DID replace it under warranty with no fuss… Totally agree on the Faux wood. It is way past time for that particular design application to die off..

  10. Wow, MMC of the decade!!!

    Great improvement. I'd love to see them offer the 2.0 with AWD, I really hope they do.

  11. Holy Plumpness. I think the car looked more athletic in its original guise. Like it's Lincoln sistah, I think it says "I got a facelift!"

  12. Love this! I would probably go for the sport version in black. That would make the grille look less horsey.

  13. Yet another in ur face front end on a suv, (gmc terrain) this thing went from looking svelte and sleek to gaining 100 lbs. id like to see the bottom chrome strip painted body color and make this loose a few lbs.

  14. I dont understand – were they JEALOUS of the GMC Terrain's drooping schnozz?

    I really like the GMC TERRAIN / 2010 Toyota 4runner Chunky styling. Even better than this Ford (which is much better on the inside than on the outside).

    And I like the wood much better than the metal look (or cheap silver plastic in the case of Toyota's & Acura's).

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